Friday, May 30, 2008

No Rest for the Weary

Well, my morning of resting peacefully has ended. The deck builders are back with cement in tow. I guess today is the day for footers! Of course, being 15 feet from my bedroom makes for little rest - especially with my dogs barking downstairs. Hmmm.... rise and shine! (Of course, it is almost 11!)

Hmm... my vacuum starting smoking today while finishing up getting that room ready. I guess this is just not my day! That would put a twist on everything around here - if my house burned down.. Well, that's a twist anywhere. I guess I need to go vacuum shopping now - just another excuse to get out of here and escape all that racket outside!


jaydensjourney said...

Dyson, dyson, dyson...I LOVE mine! It's very easy to clean and it pulls up crud that others leave behind. Pricey but worth it. Looking forward to hopefully meeting in Smithfield ;-)

deanna said...

LOL - other than the fact that the price is prohibitive!, we have been advised against bagless with Katie's asthma. It's apparently better to bag and toss than to be opening an cleaning out bagless vacuums. I have no idea why, but that is what we've been told... for our daughter who is crazily allergic to dust mites!

Smithfield... I still don't have any idea what day we'll be driving through. I guess I ought to get on that!!

Leslie said...

please, please, please, please don't burn your house down.
thank you. :)