Thursday, December 23, 2010

Our First Teenager!

Happy 13th Birthday, Katie! I can't believe you are a teenager! And what a beautiful, intelligent (most of the time ;-)) and independent young woman you've become. I can still remember when you were two, and I heard that front door open that I had securely locked, and out you went to visit our neighbors just "because you felt like it!" So much of your life since then has had that same intentional flair. You see a door and it must be opened. And you are led not only by curiosity but by a sense of wonder, a desire to learn and an appetite to experience new things.

I pray that your teenage years are marked by spiritual growth with that same sense of wonder, that same desire to learn and an appetite for a relationship with Christ. May you continue to see the good in others, have a heart for the lost and downtrodden and a have a humble heart to serve. Along with that, I hope you never stop teaching me that there is an infinite number of ways to love. It has been an honor, a joy, and pure excitement following you around as your mommy in this life - God has richly blessed me with an amazing daughter.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Effervescent Emily

OK... so I missed her birthday by a day.... but not really! We partied all weekend long.=) With my mom in town for a wedding and Em's 9th birthday, we spent the entire weekend devoted to FUN, which is exactly the kind of thing Emily loves. We first got all prettied up and went to a wedding, something Em's been dying to do for ages! My cousin's son, Jon and his new wife, Laura invited us to celebrate with them and Em enjoyed every minute of it - on the dance floor! Then Sunday, she slept in, had a daddy date at the National Zoo with her animals, then home for a dinner at Bob Evans (thanks, Mom!), presents and birthday cake. It was a full weekend. We could barely roll out of bed this morning.

I chose effervescent because that's the way Em is to our family about 90% of the time... the other 10% is the puppy dog pout! Em is the life in our family, the optimist, the lightheartedness, tenderness, emotional, imaginative, whimsical and goofy 1/4 of us. While at times frustrating for us Type A's, she reminds us each day that there are so many more important things in life than responsibilities (hahaha) and busyness. She's a "stop and smell the roses" kind of kid and I hope that she always remains that way. We would undoubtedly miss many amazing things in life if she hadn't been there to show us!

This past year has been full of challenges for her, but also full of fun! I hope that she never loses sight of the mysticism and mystery of God's creation, the joy she finds in the smaller details and her love of reading and questioning. One last year of single digit life for my baby!! Keep us bubbly!