Thursday, May 29, 2008

Rachel Ray: Extremist?

I'm sorry - but I'm just not seeing it! I'm not personally a scarf person myself, but I'm doubting that the tattered looking thing Rachel Ray (a New York native, I might ad) is wearing comes anywhere close to the black and white checked head gear the Palestinians wear. Are we now not allowed to wear black and white anything these days? Hmmm, that ought to eliminate at least half of every woman's wardrobe around here! Geez. Don't know about you, but this changeth not my perception of Dunkin' Donuts ~ will still be frequented by inhabitants of this house! ;-)


Kathryn said...

Absolutely ridiculous!

Ladona said...

Hi All: Please sign a petition to tell Dunkin Donuts we don't believe Rachel Ray's scarf is a terrorist symbol and that we're disappointed in their decision to pull their ad and capitulate to the hysterical fringe of the right-wing blogosphere: