Monday, May 12, 2008


Last year, just before we were planning to head off on our trip to Vienna, a story broke about a girl who had been held by a man almost her whole life - quite a scandal. This year, I just finished reading the last chapter of Calm My Anxious Heart, which details years of a missionary family living in, you guessed it, Vienna, where prostitution is legal. This had a devastating effect on their children, namely their girls. Then, as I was reading through this chapter, another story from outside Vienna emerged and is still in the news. A man holds his daughter captive for years, has seven children with her, etc... If you read any news, you know the story. Now, today. This.

I have to say, we totally fell in love with Vienna last year. It's absolutely beautiful, rich in history, a more calming city than most and has the sweetest water ever. I'm not afraid to go back, but it's sad to see so much negative news about such a beautiful place. Obviously, God is showing me it's a city that needs him desperately. We felt that last year and we're hoping to leave His mark somewhere there this year.

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