Monday, May 19, 2008

Do you drink soda?

Poor Kt. That's what they always ask her at the dentist. It's quite sad for a girl who, he entire life, has only had milk or water to drink. She doesn't like any sugary drinks at all, can't eat chewy foods or candy (due to a spacer put in when her tooth was pulled at age 5) and never chews gum. Today we had our 6 month check up and in just 6 short months of using flouride rinses and brushing her teeth at least twice a day she had 3 cavities and a chipped tooth. I guess she takes after her dad.

Em has one cavity in a brand new molar (hadn't even emerged 6 months ago) and they said it appears as though it never formed properly, causing a cavity. Poor thing! I had my first cavity when I was 19. Since then I've had two more and one that was done over again. I don't even ask T how many he has, but I'm starting to wonder!!


A- Truckers- Wife said...

poor kid

Kathryn said...

Poor KT. She's working so hard and her teeth are not cooperating. :-(

deanna said...

Yeah, not to mention, she keeps a toothbrush and toothpaste in her bathroom and the powder room so she can brush after she eats, before school, etc. She's pretty diligent about brushing - for a 10 year old!!