Friday, May 02, 2008

Do You Ever Wonder?

It's late. We have a Hungary meeting here tomorrow at 10am... and there's still a lot to do. Of course, while I sat in the mud room, cleaning up all the remnants of cold days, unfinished laundry, piles of shoes everyone just throws in there expecting them to prance themselves onto the correct shelves I wondered whether or not life was simpler, harder, less complicated about 100 or so years ago. Do you ever wonder?

My mind was really wandering today. What if someone from medieval times could write a blog post about their day. What would it sound like? Did they ever protest all the battles they had to set off for? Did they worry about melting polar ice caps? Did they send their kids off to school without breakfast and their hair brushed and wonder what all the other moms would think?? Yeah, totally strange, but sometimes I just think about strange things.

Wandering mind, but still focused on what lies ahead. I've got some cleaning to do, inside and out! Tomorrow we meet with our team - and I get to feel blessed yet again. Lord, help us to never stop wondering.


Dana said...

I wonder that all the time. I do it so I learn to appreciate the things we take for granted (attempt to anyway). For instance, the "waste bucket" @_@ and feminine products. It helps me enjoy and appreciate, no matter how inconvenient or how much it needs cleaning, the bathroom and the luxury it provides us compared to way back then. Even corsets. Can you imagine the discomfort and pain? Ouch! No matter how behind we get in cleaning nowadays, it's nothing compared to our ancestors. That doesn't make our cleaning any more joyful, just a little more appreciative that we have so many "things" to help us clean. Disinfectants? Vacuum? Dishwasher? Washer and dryer? Yeah, we have it pretty good. ;p

deanna said...

Yeah, I'm pretty sure that I would have died in childbirth with Kt... and everyone has agreed with me. She and I are lucky she was born in 1997 and not 1897!

Kathryn said...

Absolutely! Wondering can bring such insights into life. Children use this gift effortlessly, and oh the blessings when we hold on to that ability--to see through the eyes of a child. :-)