Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy Birthday, Mommy!

Today is my mom's ?? birthday!! Hooray! (I'm not stupid enough to post which one it is! but it's also not a terribly high number either!)

Every year, nations around the world celebrate her birthday in high style, with fireworks displays, countdowns, parties and of course the Big Apple ball drop.

While I'm sure it's been fun to have a New Year's Eve birthday, it doesn't leave much for a kid who always has to share a birthday with a familiar holiday. In fact, my mother recalls several years when her birthday was forgotten by her own parents! Imagine that! We try our best not to repeat the sins of her parents, but this is one of those years we just aren't together to celebrate.

So, just so I'm not forgetting, here's her story:

My mom was born the last of three children to first generation Christians - at least in that family! Her parents met in DC, married in a small wedding in Annapolis at the Capital, and became Christians after their first two children were born. My grandmother never drove, was always sick and sent her first two children off to boarding school (Hampton DeBois), so my mom barely knew them as she was 8 years younger (yes, the mistake!).

My mom had rheumatic fever when she was in second grade and spent an entire year at home in bed. She recalls watching all the kids play each day outside her bedroom window, having blood drawn frequently at the doctor and having a home tutor. To this day she attributes that year to her being extremely shy, scared of doctors and I think it led to her being the most gentle spirited teacher I've ever met! I wish my girls could have her as a teacher!

When my mom went off to high school, she warned her parents that if they sent her away to boarding school like her brother and sister, she'd be home within a week - kicked out!! They heeded her warning and did not send her away. Instead, she was indentured to her mother, who would make her take her to the grocery store every day! so that she could meander up and down every single aisle to pick out the 8 or 9 items she chose for that particular day. I'm so glad my mother learned to drive!

My mom attended the King's College in Briarcliff Manor where she met the love of her life, David Miles. They were engaged in Times Square and life was a dream. That all ended abruptly when Dave was killed in a head on collision with a drunken driver one Thanksgiving vacation. As devastating as that was for her, I have always pondered the idea that I would not exist had he never died - such a strange thought!

My mom later was pursued by my dad, the organist at Kings, a student who came with little money but lots of brains to college from Illinois. He drove a car that could not go in reverse, paid for college with help from his grandmother, who agreed to match whatever he made at McDonald's or housesitting to help pay for school and who majored in history. He wanted to marry her, but not before trying to get his M. Div. at Moody. My mom, in the same stubborn manner in which she threatened her parents, gave my dad an ultimatum: Either forget about being a pastor or find another bride! She was a smart woman, because my dad chose her and became a phenomenal teacher. Pastor material - I'm doubting his calling in that area!

Being raised by my mom was fun. She was dedicated to us (and he friends on the phone!) and loved doing crafts, like Shrinky Dinks, she loved taking us to the beach and even let us help her hang out the laundry! I know, it sounds sort of boring, but she created a world where life was fun, she taught us to make fun out of nothing (we had practically nothing - since my dad was a teacher in CT and she stayed home!) and how to appreciate all that we had. She instilled in us a love for God, forced us to listen to Evie Turnquist every Sunday morning (John Denver during the week!) and read Bible stories to us all the time. She taught Sunday school, Pioneer Girls and supported my dad in all he did - except for that wrestling he always watched!

I am so thankful that I still have my mom around. I don't ever want her to be alone and she reminds me that she is never alone, because God is always with her. I still wish I could live closer, of course, then we'd spend all our time together and never get anything done!! She really is my best friend and I hope she has another wonderful year for us all to enjoy!

Happy Birthday, Mommy!
I Love You!

(Picture - that's my mom and me at Johnny Rockets in LA, taken by Em)

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Happy 9th Birthday, Kt!!

Today my little girl is 9. She is having the time of her life in the shower right now - LOL! It's gorgeous here at the beach, albeit a little wet. For breakfast, her father went in search of pancakes and was fortunate to find that Hardees was willing to give him their leftover as we all slept in a bit.

I really cannot believe how big Kt is, how mature, how smart, how sweet (most of the time!) and how fast she is growing up. Her grasp of the world she lives in is getting so big, so deep and her love for all that God is is profound. I never really knew that God created us to grow up so that we could teach our older counterparts more about Him through our development. Kt has forced me to see things about God that I either passed by or had forgotten. I'm completely indebted to her!

I'm so sad to see her grow up because I love little kids, but I guess the inevitable must happen. She is so excited to be old enough to do.... well, her list is so long! This Birthday and Christmas will be full of technological gadgets we wouldn't have dreamed of giving her a couple years ago, some hopefully she'll become more responsible with her age (don't worry, I'm not holding my breath on that one!). If anything, she will at least be a little closer to making her own decisions about her place in this world and what she wants to do about that!

Happy Birthday, Ktbug!

(sorry about the camera phone photos - not so clear today! 1) the girls enjoying birthday breakfast, 2) the view from our deck - we're at the beach!!)

Like Mother, Like Daughter!

As some of you might remember, I came to Savannah a few short weeks ago for the birth of my nephew. The unfortunate part of that trip: the discovery while at the airport that I did, indeed, have strep throat!! Well, this morning, at 6 am on the day we were heading, once again, to Savannah, Kt came in to tell us she could hardly talk or swallow. I knew right away what that was!

12 1/2 long hours later, here we are in Savannah. Kt has her chewable amoxicillen, we are staying in the most gorgeous beach house on loan to us by an extremely generous family and it's wired!! Three years ago when we stayed here for Christmas, T and my brother spent hours on dial up - LOL! My brother will be so thrilled when they arrive tomorrow!

Since Kt is not well, we'll be hanging around here for a bit tomorrow, her 9th birthday! I cannot believe she is 9 already. Next year it will be a whole decade of life for her - I'm just not ready for that! She chose to drive all the way through and not be driving on her birthday. We had reserved a room at one of the few hotels along this southern route to have an indoor pool just in case she opted for that. Instead she saved us the dough so here we are. I guess I ought to go to bed so we can start off our trip on the right foot - the non-sleepy, time to have fun one!!

Tomorrow, for Kt's birthday, we are having lasagne at my sister's, and brownies for birthday dessert. If the weather holds out, we might even have a little beach time! What a fun birthday!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Overwhelmed and Venting...

So, I don't like to do this, but I will. This has been a horrendous week, and it's only Wednesday! At this point, I cannot wait for Christmas to come. I feel like I'm walking around in a fog and I really don't know what to do next.... so I'm blogging!

We started the week with a day at the girl's school, so of course, by today, when I even spent another morning there, I feel lousy. Sore throat, runny nose, achy.... you name it, I feel it. It's not as bad as last year, when I'm pretty sure I had the flu the week before Christmas. But this definitely has the potential...

Monday afternoon I went to the mall (yup, mistake #100), to get some gift certificates. I ran into another 3rd grade mom who asked me how Kt's book report project was coming along. What? That was the question that ran through my head. Book report??? I knew she had to read James and the Giant Peach for a "book club," because she was sick two days last week and I had to run out to Borders to buy her that book. But a project??? Due Thursday??? Problem!

So, I finally made it through the line at the mall, out of the parking lot and home to meet the girls get off the bus. Kt was happy as ever, until I asked about her "little project" which she seemed to think was "no big deal". Of course, she'd left the assignment sheet in her school folder and would have to bring it home Tuesday, but she promised it was no big deal and she was practically finished with the book. Since she had an afterschool piano lesson, we were stuck at home unable to return to school to get more information.

I then moved on to checking their folders, where I found Em's interim report. I won't go into a lot of detail, but it was not pretty. After a few days of emails, questions, behavior charts.... I'm still completely perplexed. What was documented as an academic issue of immense proportions has somehow resolved itself with almost no effort in one day. I have some concerns, but the jury is still out on that one. Of course, the toll it took on my blood pressure is irreversible!

Tuesday rolls around. I had Christmas cards to mail, Sunday School stuff to pick up, cookies to deliver that I'd stayed up late Monday baking, a luncheon to attend and of course I am wrapping, laundering, packing (trying to, anyway) and cleaning.... It's cyclical, exhausting.... On top of that, I had to bake for the teachers because, let's face it, I do that every year and I can't really deviate from that - correct? Kt brought home her book report assignment and got to work on that. I finally sent her to bed at 10 pm after an evening of tons of homework, Thank You cards from her birthday and doing her hair for her school birthday today. We then had a college student visit from 10-1.... while I made fudge, that today I'm thinking I need to throw away. It's as hard as a rock... what a waste.

This morning, up early and all morning at Em's school, then on to tutoring, where I find that not only is the elementary school dumping on loads of homework this week, but the high school is as well. I thought we could forgo the tutoring tomorrow, but low and behold we have a paper to write. Crazy. What has gotten into the minds of these teachers???????

So, I finally get home, completely exhausted, feeling lousy, my house is an utter disaster area, I'm still doing laundry, have packed next to nothing, still have presents to wrap, cookies to bake, fudge to remake, and I'm sick. Kt brings me her "practically finished" book so I can read her the last 30 pages or 11 chapters!!!!!! to her out loud - I have almost no voice now. Em is screaming to go to the Festival of Lights, T HAS to meet with someone tonight. He's told me several times who he's meeting but not once why, tonight, when we have all this stuff happening.... makes no sense to me, but he's gone. The girls were both up until 10, Kt's project not done. I sent her to bed wailing. Unfinished project, unstudied for test - YES, the possessed third grade teachers have made these children the week before Christmas break do a major project and take assessments all in the same day. It's just completely insane!

So, why you ask, am I even considering making cookies for these crazy people? Well, considering is a good word, because right now it's just not happening. Something must give, and it's going to be the baking. I've paid my dues, done my time, suffered enough grief at the hands of these teachers during the busiest week of the year. They will just have to live with their gift certificates. Someday, they can thank me for keeping them 1 pound thinner this Christmas. I have packing, laundry, wrapping and most importantly recovery to take care of tonight. Merry Christmas, teachers - or whatever holiday you choose to celebrate this year - just not in school!! Maybe next year you can have a little mercy on your students and their parents for the holiday season!

Friday, December 15, 2006


T and I just received a really nice (and I mean REALLY NICE!) surprise gift today. Attached to the gift was a really nice (and I mean EVEN NICER THAN THE GIFT!) note. Gifts really speak to me, not because I love to get things, but I like being acknowledged for things. For me, the consummate people pleaser, it's the approval of someone that I appreciate. This person could have give me a package of OREOs and that note and I would have been just as appreciative. The fact that they gave us something really nice (it was awesome!) makes me feel a little embarrassed. But I'll get over it!;-)

So, since it's the season for giving, remember this: a gift can go a long way when accompanied by the right words!! A really good gift, well it still needs the right words.

We spend a lot of time at Christmas trying to come up with fun, good, useful gifts, but how often do we think to add something from our hearts to them? I don't want to get caught up in just giving a great gift. I want to give something that says "I know you!" and then I want to add a little something on top - a note, a video clip, an old picture - you know, something embarrassing, so that person will know that this gift was heartfelt.

This great gift today, we'll use it up, it will be gone, but we'll keep the card, because it reminds us that something we do is important to others. Something we do matters, is recognized and appreciated. We've always felt that way, but it's nice to hear it from someone else. Truth be told, I'd happily received 10 more cards like that in place of the great gift - but we'll take the gift, too, because we're so, well, you know, (do I have to say it??) - um, selfish, in a nice sort of way! (LOL - there's no nice way to be selfish! but I like to pretend!!)

Have a happy heartfelt gift-giving season!!

9,000th Blog Visitor!

I had my 9,000th blog visitor early this morning (I was asleep!) from New Delhi, India! Wow! I can assure, I have no idea who this person is! I just think it's absolutely incredible that we can have visitors from so far away - such a huge audience for such a tiny voice!!

Thursday, December 14, 2006


Well, I just have to warn all you folks out there who might be expecting something fun like last year's Christmas letter.... it's just not happening! I finished this year's, and it's just a boring old Top Ten list. I mean, those creative juices just weren't flowing. Not to mention, we never did get a Christmas picture. There hasn't been a day all month that we are all well at the same time! So we did one of those photo cards that looks like a collage.... still waiting to get them in the mail. The biggest question of all: will we even get these suckers out before Christmas??? Some stamps might help! I wonder if there will be any Christmassy ones left. For those highly motivated, over-achievers of you out there who have already sent your cards (the pile here is growing daily) kudos to you. Of course, I say that with a smirk on my face!

So, what do you think the #1 highlight of our year was?? Anybody willing to take a stab at that one?

Some Call Me Butterfingers...

but here's the real truth!

Your Elf Name Is...

Minty Sticky Fingers

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


This one is so dead on, it's scary! Wait until T sees this one!!
You Are a Boston Creme Donut

You have a tough exterior. No one wants to mess with you.
But on the inside, you're a total pushover and completely soft.
You're a traditionalist, and you don't change easily.
You're likely to eat the same doughnut every morning, and pout if it's sold out.

Hmmm.. somethings missing on this list!

Your Career Type: Investigative

You are precise, scientific, and intellectual.
Your talents lie in understanding and solving math and science problems.

You would make an excellent:

Architect - Biologist - Chemist
Dentist - Electrical Technician - Mathematician
Medical Technician - Meteorologist - Pharmacist
Physician - Surveyor - Veterinarian

The worst career options for your are enterprising careers, like lawyer or real estate agent.

Homeschooling.... again!

It's all T's fault. He sent me a link yesterday to an article entitled "Why I Do Not Homeschool". The first part was pretty good, but today's was really a reflection of how we feel, T and I, about our decision to send our children to public school. It was nice to have someone else eloquently express what I feel has been our gut feeling all along. Of course, I couldn't keep my mouth shut, either. I had to comment a bit... trying not to get into a bitter battle!

The truth is, I just really feel like it's a matter of conviction and world mission view. God clearly speaks to some differently than others, creates children so uniquely and places them with parents who can provide for them in ways only they can! I wish this subject was not so divisive when it comes to relationships. It shouldn't be that way. I hate that Satan has used this arena to get a stronghold on the church today - it's something we should never have allowed!!

In saying all this, I don't want to dissuade people from homeschooling, private schooling or public schooling. I do want us to stop judging each other for decisions we make for our children based on our individual convictions. In each area, different efforts need to be addressed in raising up our children in the way they should go. May God be the one to point these out to us in a loving, encouraging way!!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Bedtime Stories

Well, I just finished putting the girls to bed. Kt has a cold/fever, so she'll be home tomorrow. She went right in to bed. Em is wired. If she were a coffee drinker, I'd say she'd had too much caffeine! While putting her to bed, she counted up to 100 for me, something she's never done for me. I was impressed! She then went on to talk about school. She told me about her hearing and vision screening as if it was the highlight of her day. She then made me guess what she made in art out of clay giving me only the first sound, then again for what she made out of the extra clay!

Then, I asked if she'd gotten in trouble lately. She has been too loud a couple of times during reading group and had to return to her desk. She very sheepishly looked away, then covered her face. I asked what happened and she said, (with a huge smile/smirk on her face), "Well, I had to go to the PRINCIPAL'S OFFICE!!" I had to dig a little deeper for this one, only to find that she and the one boy we hear LOTS of stories about were running in the hall. I asked her why, and she replied that he had to go to the bathroom very badly, so he ran and she followed. They DO have to stay with their partner. A boy partner to go to the bathroom with?? Hmmm... Sometimes I feel like I'm not getting the whole story, or am I? Anyway, I was not impressed with this one! Thank goodness she's at least learning her numbers!


This is a little freaky, because I used to have a Volkswagon Cabriolet (just remembering that after my last post!).

Your Summer Ride is a Beetle Convertible

Fun, funky, and a little bit euro.
You love your summers to be full of style and sun!


Yesterday, as I was pulling into my neighborhood our neighbor's teenage son, in his Volvo, waved to me. Later I was stopped at a red light next to two teenagers in their Acura Integra. A BMW driven by a cute little girl cut me off as I drove around town in my 1999 Toyota Sienna we bought used because, well, that was what we could afford! What are these kids going to do when they graduate college and realize all they can afford with their first job is a used Ford Fiesta???

Monday, December 11, 2006


I just read/watched this incident that happened yesterday in Scotland. Crazy! If this started happening in America (maybe it does??) I wonder if we'd be ready?? At the moment, at our church everything is so scripted, I don't think they could handle an unplanned event like this!! from a cult movement. Hmmm.... something to think about, and I'm completely impressed with how this was handled and how prepared they were - good work!


After Kt's slumber party was over and all the girls had gone home to get some sleep, we took to the girls to our local pottery place, The Studio at Fulton, to get a picture with "Santa". Em confessed to me before we went that she was a little nervous. She asked me if it was the real Santa and I told her it was likely one of his "helpers". "One of his elves?" she inquired. I agreed, that was likely. She then said, "So, this is not the one who goes to the mall?"

I had to laugh. She is so different from Kt. Em is definitely a analytical thinker, but her focus is very different from Kt. Where Kt will question what she believes, Em only questions about what she believes. When Kt was in kindergarten, her teacher was furious with me because she overheard a conversation where she presumed Kt had broken the news to her class that Santa was not real. In discussing this with Kt that very same day, it turns out she was thinking aloud, wondering if anyone in the class had ever wondered if it was possible for one man to fly around the world in one night to bring toys to every child in every country of the earth. It was not a statement, it was a question. She wasn't getting the right answer from adults, so she turned to her peers! LOL

Em, on the other hand, believes in Santa (for now). Her questions revolve around not if he's real but every last detail of his life. What does he feed his reindeer? Do they get cold on the North Pole? Does Santa actually make any of the gifts? or does he just buy them when he gets here? She was totally OK with Santa sending gifts here early so we can take them down to Savannah. She figured as long as he gets the here on time, it really doesn't matter how!! She loves that Santa shops on Amazon.....

Wait a minute!! On first glance, Em seems a simplistic, average five year old kindergartener, but when I probe a bit deeper I find an amazingly keen and deceptive young con-artist!! This is a child who will go along with any story just to make the parents happy, but deep down, she knows the truth. She has done this before, not interested in upsetting the status quo. If we all believe in Santa, she must as well. Truth be told, she's knows something's up!!

So there we are, at the The Studio, and Santa is none other than the pastor that married T and I. Bringing our children to him was fun, and he soon realized that one of our little children was completely intrigued by him. She stood next to him for a picture, studied his beard and glasses, giggled at his funny jokes and loved hanging out with him. While we painted our ceramic ornaments, I asked the girls what they told Santa they wanted for Christmas. Em looked right at me, shrugged her shoulders and said, "He didn't even ask!!!" Uh oh, a Santa who didn't care what you wanted?? I thought for sure she would finally fess up, but instead she said.... well, nothing!

Sometimes, it's the silence that reveals the most. In fact, not only didn't she anything, but she never brought it up again. And Kt? Well, we have never really confirmed or denied the truth about Santa, but we have always instilled in her the "idea" of Santa, and the giving of good gifts. We have always recognized that the giver of the greatest gift is God Himself, the greatest gift, His Son and the reason why we celebrate Christmas. During this season, being a "Santa" is practicing what was taught to us on that first Christmas and remembering that it is more blessed to give than to receive.

On the way out of the pottery shop, I told Kt who Santa was and she laughed, loved being in on a little secret. At this point, I think it would have ruined the whole experience for Em, but soon she will be in on our little secrets. I can tell it won't be long now. I mean, if Santa shops on Amazon, who needs elves, right?

Thursday, December 07, 2006


The snowflakes are not coming down - yet! I don't see any snow, but I hear the wind howling and boy is it freezing. It feels like total hibernation weather to me. That's exactly what I feel like doing. In fact, I missed getting the girls from the bus today because I fell asleep! I just was not created for cold weather. I wonder often what kind of a person I would be in a warmer climate, because this cold just doesn't feel like it suits me very well.

Tomorrow is Kt's slumber party. I cannot believe she will be 9 in just a couple weeks. I'm totally unprepared for this party. Thank goodness the older they get, the less they even want your involvement! Kt has planned this party, all I've done is the shopping. She basically told me what she wanted and how it's going to go down. Kind of nice for me. I'm thinking I might even get some sleep this time around! Now, if we could just get the wind to quiet down we'd be all set!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

This IS our Final Answer!

We finally made a decision.... we booked one night at the Animal Kingdom resort, two Disney days. We opted to do something memorable that we would never do for a whole week. We are getting a savannah room, where you wake up to giraffe's and other wild animals munching outside your window in the morning. I think the girls will love it. This also give us more time with our Florida friends. We'll do the Animal Kingdom, then the Magic Kingdom. Since they both close early in winter, we'll have some free time in the evening. I'm excited.

So, has anyone ever stayed at the Animal Kingdom Lodge?? Any tips, advice, bewares??? The girls have always loved the Animal Kingdom. Em used to call it the Aminal Tintom, which we all thought was hysterical. One Christmastime, we visited K & M and they had some leftover Disney hopper passes. Since we were only spending one day and the passes were free, we let the girls choose where they wanted to go. On the way, they both agreed the Animal Kingdom. We went there first with plans to head over to the Magic Kingdom for dinner. Wouldn't you know, they closed MGM, the Magic Kingdom and the Animal Kingdom at 11 am, all filled to capacity!! Fortunately, we had reservations for dinner! Christmastime at Disney is beautiful and terribly crowded!

At this point, with this cold, I cannot wait for warmer weather!

Snowflakes will Come Down

Em, our 5 year old weatherwoman, announced over and over this morning that on Thursday, the snowflakes will come down. At first, I didn't think this was weather related, instead I was trying to figure out where we had put up some snowflakes. Then I realized she was listening, as usual, to the traffic and weather report. Snow. I'm just not ready for it! But then again, I'm never ready for snow. On top of that, I've finally come down with the cold that's been in our house. I'm really beginning to miss summer!

This is one way God works...

This February we have plane tickets to travel to Orlando for a conference that T wants to attend. The girls and I love to tag along, visit the mouse and hang out with our friends, K & M. Planning this trip has been a little crazy, but really I'm thinking more and more that I'd really like to hang out with K & M, meet some friends I only know through T or through blogging and maybe do less Orlando touristy things. We'll see.

Our friends, K & M, have lived in Orlando for several years now. I first met K through a letter I received from Gordon College, introducing me to my very first roommate, other than my sister, that is! I went off to Gordon, excited to finally be living in a Christian community after enduring (happily!) 13 years of public school. Gordon was new, exciting, fun and K was the complete opposite of me. Poor her!

I knew right away that she was going to have a big adjustment with me in her room. When I arrived, she was already moved in, bed made, notebooks all organized, clothes folded neatly, everything had a place, nothing more than what was necessary for comfort. She was from NJ, and promptly greeted me with her NJ drawl, mawl accent. I think she might have even been playing Bruce Springstein or something - or was it Bon Jovi?? I really can't remember, but I do remember thinking, "Wow. Totally not what I expected!"

Truth be told, we were excited to be rooming together. We'd even met once before heading up to Gordon. My boyfriend at the time had driven me down to the Patterson suburb to meet her and her family. I just wasn't sure she was ready for me. I'm not really that organized, I actually function better in an "organized mess" - that's putting it mildly. I don't really have a special place for everything, but I know where everything is when it's not where it's supposed to be! I didn't exactly think to bring a laundry basket along - I just figured I'd keep my dirty clothes where I always found them - on the floor or in a huge pile at the foot of my bed (I'm short!). I brought along with me every modern convenience allowed plus some. My style was cluttered, homey and not at all sparse, that word just wasn't in my college dictionary!

And so we began our two years as roomies. We had some incredible adventures, lived through some crazy practical jokes, studied together, did Boston together, got cranky at each other and put up with each other. Our third year at Gordon, K moved off campus with a friend and left me behind. She then went off to the U.K., where she went to school and met M. When she returned, I knew something was different. She'd had crushes, boyfriends, but this one was different. And then, he came here. And I was not ready for him!

By this time, K and I were living in the same apartment building on campus, but with different roommates in different rooms. M decided to spend a semester at Gordon so we all had a chance to meet him. He wasn't the first British person I'd met, but he was the first one I knew well. My first impressions were that he was friendly, very outgoing, a bit different than I would have expected for K, but very authentic and genuine. I loaned him my car a few times (I must have been nuts! I'd forgotten they drive on the other side of the road over there!), spent some time with them and really enjoyed getting to know him. Then off he went, back to the U.K. K followed him! Sort of...

After those two got married, T and I copied them and then took our first real adventure together. We went on vacation to England and ended up at the K&M flat. It was super fun and T really enjoyed our stay with them. We did a lot of sightseeing and even visited M's classroom, where he taught elementary school. We did a little cross-cultural lesson with the kids there, introducing T first, without him speaking, and me later as his wife. T always loves that the kids assumed that the wife of this Chinese man must work at McDonalds!

After our time in England, I was happy T had met K & M, but I'm not sure he was able to really get to know them. They later moved to NJ, where we had a few opportunities to connect with them. Nothing was really in depth, but we genuinely tried to connect. It must have been a yearning from within, because T kept telling me he liked M.

When I was pregnant with Kt, I dragged T up to Boston to meet a small group of friends K and I hung out with at Gordon. Most of them were from Gordon, except for T and M. I know T felt a little uncomfortable, and the only reason he agreed to go was because M would be there. On our last morning at the King's Grant hotel, M whipped out his cards and started doing a little magic. That was it - T was hooked. He was utterly amazed and adopted this passion from what he saw. I honestly think the God used a deck of cards to create a permanent connection between two really passionate men, and cemented that bond with a passion for the lost.

After that weekend, T shared with me that out of everyone on that weekend, he felt like M was the only one he really related to. I could see that as well! LOL I'm always teasing T that he never likes any of my friends! It's totally true, except where K & M are concerned. From that point on, those two have been amazingly connected. They email, call each other, discuss ministry, passion, life and anything else that comes to mind. Never once have they lived close enough to be physically together for more than a few days or a week, but that has not stopped them from pursuing each other passionately.

K and I joke with each other that we never realized when God put us together as college roommates He really meant to bring these two men of ours together. He is so direct, yet so indirect in His ways. All four of us have been blessed by our relationships in a way that only God could craft or design. He is the passion that connects us and it's amazing to see where He might take us all.

So, we're off to the land of the mouse, but really the home of our good friends, who God has chosen to interweave into our lives in a way only He can. I like a plan, it doesn't have to organized and neat, but I like some semblance of a plan. Maybe God has something else in mind, because my plan isn't working so well. But that's typical. It's just one of many ways God works in us.

Monday, December 04, 2006


Not the snowman, just the weather!! It is soooooo cold, I'm starting to think that Global Warming is a total farce! Where is it when you need it? On top of it being the coldest day of the year so far, I woke up with Em and T's cold. I'm pretty miserable, but it's better than the strep throat of a month ago! I guess I better go get some hot chocolate with marshmallows ready for those girls when they get home!

Saturday, December 02, 2006

High School Musical

I took the girls today to see a high school production of High School Musical. The tickets were a bit pricey for a high school production, but they were far more reasonable than the actual Disney production, which were $100 for floor seats and $85 for a seat in the stands at a huge civic center!!

This particular production was apparently one of 7 high schools chosen by Disney to pilot their script in high schools. I had no idea... In a short video presentation before the start, they introduced the director, who has put together other Disney shows. I guess I was expecting some totally spectacular show after that little video, but it was, indeed, a high school musical! The kids all loved it just as well.

Speaking of Disney, our Florida Disney plans are a mess for February, partly due to the fact that we are so indecisive but also due to the fact the Disney World is nearly sold out for the first week in February. Supposedly, that's "value season", but it's turning out to be a headache instead! Maybe we should just hang out with our friends and forget the mouse!

Friday, December 01, 2006


So, somehow my post about our weekend retreat ended up being sent via some NJ Homeschool based YahooGroup to all it's members. I have no idea what they are saying about me because the group is "exclusive" in nature, meaning you must live in NJ and homeschool to be a member. It's supposedly a Christian group with a statement of beliefs and also guidelines on resolving conflict. I'll assume those guidelines, including no flaming, apply only within their group, not with anyone outside the group. I wonder how much flaming goes on within the group? Hmmm..... interesting. But, I'll never know because I don't homeschool, but more importantly, I don't live in NJ! Hi, homeschoolers from NJ! It's the most visitors I've ever had on this blog! LOL