Wednesday, May 28, 2008

On Iraq

“I don’t think we want to continue a misguided foreign policy and an endless war in Iraq that has cost us thousands of lives and hundreds of billions of dollars while making us less safe and less secure,” he [Obama] said.
I have a lot of thoughts on the war in Iraq, but I feel like I should be the last person to speak. I have a cousin and a good friend who were in the first Desert Storm, and that was a war that ended too soon. The result? Well, let's look at 9-11 for one thing. I think it's a little naive to say that our country is "less safe and less secure" after we've invested lives and money to keep terrorism in the Middle East where the source is rather than to have it brandish our shores.

Do I like war? Heck no. Do I want to continually send Americans into Iraq and Afghanistan, spend billions of dollars and have them pay the ultimate sacrifice so I can be safer? No, I really don't. Do I think Obama has a miraculous solution to this dilemma? Well, if he does, I'm still waiting to hear it!! In fact, I'd like to hear it from any one of the candidates. I don't believe pulling out of Iraq will help. I don't believe deserting our presence in the Middle East will keep us safer and more secure. I can't believe people think that.

Memorial Day is nice, but really, we should be thinking about our soldiers and their commitment to us, to our country and to the world to fight for the freedoms of everyone, not just Americans. I'm really proud of what we've done in Iraq - call me crazy, but I think a majority of Iraqis are glad we came. When the time is right, not when a new president arrives at the White House, is the time we should pull out slowly, but if we want safer and secure, that's not going to happen if our presence is shuttered for electability.

That's probably enough for now.

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