Thursday, February 26, 2009


I saw this on FB tonight and couldn't resist putting it up here. The Tennessee Republican Party is selling these bumper stickers in response to the astronomical spending that is going on in Washington. I cannot fathom how any of it will really help and worry about how this will impact the quality of life for my children and grandchildren. Our country needs a massive amount of prayer.

On an even more grim note, I was reading a blog about the CPAConference going on in DC and a roundtable discussion on abortion. Did you know that, since the inception of the ultrasound, which can indicate the sex of a child, over 100million girls have been aborted in China? Just let that sink in. Heartbreaking. I've always said that if T and I ever adopted, we'd try for a boy, but in the past year or so I've had a heart change with a bent towards girls. Why so undervalued?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Lockdown Drill

I just got this little eschoolnewsletter a few minutes ago:

This afternoon we had our second lockdown drill of the school year. During a lockdown drill the students sit quietly on the floor of their classroom with all the lights off. Mrs. McN and I went around and checked on all the classes and the students did a wonderful job during the drill. At the end of the drill I got on the PA system and complimented the students for doing such a great job. I also told them that it was a drill and there was no emergency. I know that lockdown drills can be scary to some students, but we do them to make sure everyone is prepared if an incident that required an actual lockdown ever took place. If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at school or email me at
I can't wait to hear what the girls have to say this time! I always hear the funniest stories after days like this. The kids have NO IDEA why they are doing these. Of course, the absence of doors on the classrooms might lend itself to some funny answers if they really knew!! Thank goodness they will be fixing that security issue this summer with the final renovations. Next year, these drills might actually have more of a purpose. Now, I'm just thankful they are only drills.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Birthdays and Beaches

Just got back from a short birthday trip to Daytona Beach. It was cold but fun, hurried but relaxing, short but significant. Sort of like the birthdays. Mine was Friday, my dad's was yesterday... of course, we don't celebrate his anymore, although we did have a little fun remembering him on our trip! While I was a bit chilly, I enjoyed a walk on the beach, the heated pool, hot tub, time with my family, seeing St. Augustine again and visiting with old friends and new. I can't think of a better way to spend a birthday - other than on an island somewhere hot!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Fun in the Sun

I am pretty much packed and ready to head down to Florida for a couple days. While it's not expected to be the best weather or even hot, it's snowing here. Need I say more? And we'll be right on the beach. I've loved beaches all my life, every season of the year. I'm so excited to get away for a bit - a much needed escape. And my mom is coming along - yay!

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Today's sermon was the conclusion of Jonah. Great series, love the lessons, insight. On the conclusion of this book, Chapter 4 of Jonah, probably one of the "lamest" endings to a book ever. It begs so many questions, but today we saw it from the perspective of clarity - comparing God's concern over Jonah's (or ours) concerns. Some good, thought provoking clarity.

Of course, I've been following the process of this "bail-out" and am entirely underimpressed with the process, the misrepresentations and the conclusion of this economic event. It was flawed from the start, but I don't need to get into any of that because every political pundit has beat me to it!! Instead, I decided to meander through the bacon of the bill to see if there is anything for me in it. I found one item that caught my attention: tax rebate for energy efficient windows or insulation. Intriguing, since we are just about to collect on our refi of this house, taking some money out to make some home improvements. I decided to research the qualifications of such a tax break, so I googled "energy efficient window tax breaks" which sent me to this site.

Imagine my surprise at finding a list of MANY energy efficient items you, too, can receive a tax break on. Of course, they don't have anything to do with the bail-out, as they were signed into effect by Bush back in October. Naturally, this begs the question.... why is it in the bail-out bill??? Or does it. I mean, I think we understand now that most of that bail-out bill was thrown together with nary a thought for anyone but a lobbyist! It will be signed by Obama, who will claim to have made all these wonderful improvements... or did he?? Wow. Politics.

Again this afternoon I read the headline, "Obama to End the Ban on Stem Cell Research", once again, very misleading. You see, there is currently, nor has there ever been, a ban on any kind of stem cell research here in the US. That's right - you are reading this correctly. If you want to, you can go out tomorrow and collect as many embryonic stem cells as you wish and go ahead and start researching them and you are well within the laws of the land. What you cannot do, however, is ask for federal tax payer dollars to do this. Some states, like Maryland!, will you give you money and any private institutions who would like to support you may do so. The only thing you cannot do is use tax payer money. So... is Obama going end the ban on stem cell research? Nope. He IS going to use MORE and MORE of the taxpayer's money to fund something controversial. Because, I mean, he's working with a surplus! At least until Tuesday!

Clarity is something I have a real issue with, so like Jonah, I think I need to step back and ask myself what I think God's concern is in these cases. I'm thinking God probably doesn't care so much if Obama or Bush gets the credit for giving us back some tax money for improvements on our home. I think He probably has more at stake with the possibility of spending money to create/take away life for research. Of course, He cares about the heart of those making important decisions, and He commands me, and you, to pray and support those making them. So.... pray. For the many who hold the power to make changes that concern the heart of God.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Facebook Fun

I've been having the best time on Facebook, hence my blog absence! My college friends, who are scattered about the US, are hysterical and it's so wonderful catching up with everyone. It's great to laugh at ourselves and remember all the sillyness that was college, roomies, really bad food, boys, MONET, '80's.... just pure fun!

This past week, my sister has finally joined the fun that is Facebook. She has resisted the movement for over a year, but she finally caved!! Tonight I chatted with her for the first time, and I was crying I was laughing so hard. I can't wait until we're all older and sit back and laugh at the things that irritate us now. It will be like looking back at college. Here's a sample of our chat:


katie just came up here to ask if she could watch the movie "House Bunny"


never heard of it


it's a movie about an ex-Playboy bunny!

she's all mad that Tony said no, because we're the most uncool parents EVER!!



Does she know that's what it's about?


no, she doesn't

she only cares that we said no

we are now "stupid, dumb" parents who make her go to bed too early, don't give her enough money and never let her watch anything!

remember when our parents were exactly the same thing?


well tell her it's not appropriate

hmmm... I can't see Katie thinking that - SWEET SMART KATIE???


someday she'll thank us! LOL


Not MY niece!!


oh, you should hear her!!


Remind her that she's been to Europe TWICE!


her best friend called here at 10:15 the night of the Super Bowl - we let her talk to her and after about 5 minutes, we told her she needed to get off and go to bed

she yelled into the phone, "My stupid parents are making me go to bed, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!"

she got in pretty big trouble for that one!



I dont' believe it

But I see Skyler in her - in the not too distant future


well, when she came home, as she does most days, to tell me, "Guess what so and so gets..." I said, "Well, so-and-so also does a lot of chores around the house... How about I call and find out what they have to do and we'll make it really even!"

yup... you're in for it! trust me!


I already am


yeah, she's a smart one!


Mine quit Tai Kwon Do b/c of the outfit. Where did she get her fashion sense?

I'll have to post that on my "status bar"


I'm totally laughing, as is Tony

that's hysterical

they wouldn't let her do it in her ballet clothes?


We dressed her all up in her outfit which WAS a bit big, but I took karate - it's so they can MOVE in it and do their kicks and such

Well, no, no, no... we got to the dojo and I wrapped her belt (the proper way) and just before we walked in, she burst out in tears

she said, "It's too big!" Plus, she doesn't like shirts that go below her waist and this one, of course, goes below her butt


i'm crying i'm laughing so hard!


I said, "They won't get you do it if you don't wear this." Last week, she got a few free classes and for simply trying out, got to wear her sweats and favorite shirt

So standing outside the dojo, watching all the other moms walking in with their little Pre-Kers wearing their outfits, I pointed out to her that everyone's were too big

That didn't do. So I told her if we left, we would never come back. I couldn't even pull her inside so we turned around and drove home.

She cried all the way home. She wanted to somehow shrink it. I said that wouldn't work. Well, she saved me from paying for 6 months of it at $800 (which I was going to do that night!)


wow - that's a lot of dough


I had to talk to the owner, who called me last night after not seeing her and had to explain that she simply didn't like the outfit and that we'd return it and try again next year. He said he understood as he also has a 5 year old who he said has clothing issues, too.

No kidding. I was hesitant about it - it's a HUGE commitment from the parents at 2 nights per week, but she just LOVED the classes she took last week and I thought it would be great for her confidence


awww... it's too bad they make them wear that - but still, mucho buckeroos!

My neice - she's a funny one!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

4 in 10

That's it? You'd think with all the hoopla over the necessity of teaching the theory of evolution that more people would have a stake in it! This article is interesting, worth reading. Still shocking that only 39% of Americans even believe in this theory that is widely taught as truth.

Per Kathryn's comment, here is another very interesting article about how non-religious groups and atheists have "hijacked" Darwin's ideas and theories. Interesting.

Blog Slacker

That's what I am. Lately, I haven't thought of much to write here besides what is going on in the world of politics, so I've been keeping my mouth shut! I also enjoyed a bit of beautiful weather here yesterday - 70 degrees! =) A global warming event I actually enjoyed.

I've spent a few days taking care of the travel details for our trip next week to Daytona Beach. The weather could pose a problem here - snow! Down there, only in the 60's, but no snow!! Especially not on my birthday. Last year, T and I got stuck out in the snow on my birthday, so I'm happy we're not having a repeat of that event. Maybe I'll get stuck in the sand.

As for the mess our country is in right now, I have so many opinions, but it's really all summed up by this guy... on CNN, of all places. While I think we're on the edge of making a mistake that our children and their children will pay dearly for, it is comforting to know that God is so much bigger than this. He is in control and right now, I'm His audience. And every once in a while, he sends some nice weather my way to take my mind of this mess. ;-)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


It's heartbreaking, the news out of Australia these days. Fires in the south, flooding... we met a couple this summer, Deb and Alan Hirsch, who are from Australia. Deb posted this site on Facebook yesterday - devastating. I also have a friend from high school youth group who moved his family to pastor a church in Australia last year, Kevin Butterfield. Some of his church body have lost their homes in these fires. I'm joining them and many other who are lifting up that country in prayer - for safety, for comfort and for an end to the horror. I can't even imagine.

Friday, February 06, 2009

Good Laugh

I watched this on Facebook tonight and seriously - I was crying I was laughing so hard.


Wednesday, February 04, 2009


I think we've all felt desperate or hopeless at times, but the feeling I'm thinking of can't possibly be what those who have taken their own lives have felt. We had such an occurrence this past week and it's heartbreaking. If we can't offer hope as a body of believers, we're completely missing the point.

I love this organization, To Write Love on Her Arms, and the many links they offer. I just wish it was enough - but we need to be Christ in the world - we can't leave that up to a website! And pray... for hope and peace.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

First Child Syndrome

I think I've always suffered from First Child Syndrome, or at least various forms of it. I can remember being so overly compliant as a child that I was in shock when my sister dared to do anything rebellious, such as not do her homework (intently!), stay out later than her curfew and not really care what my parents thought or her being able to hide a tattoo for weeks and months without my parents ever finding out. My brother was even better at deception, which I'm sure began in his early years, but I wouldn't really know because I was too busy obeying to even notice! Call it naivety or just plain goodie-two-shoesness, I am just completely stunned when I find out people get away with things that I was sure I'd be punished for - lock me up and throw that key far away.

Thus it has been for me this past week. Do people really get away with not paying thousands upon thousands of dollars in taxes?? Can they really break the law and not be penalized?? On top of that, will they then, after being publicly lashed with a wet spaghetti noodle, still receive the job of making sure all us little folks pay our taxes?? For sure, I do not understand politics or the economy... but I recognize a criminal when I see one!!

Thankfully, God is much more merciful with me than I am with other. As another side effect of First Child Syndrome, I have this insatiable need to practice mercy and grace with others instead of my knee-jerk reaction, which is justice and revenge! God is patiently teaching me to leave those things to Him, and to practice those virtues which I lack as was portioned to me by my birth order.... confounded by my need to always be right. Someday, attitude and all, each of us will have to account for our actions and reactions. We will all want grace where we are concerned. As for the others, I plead the 5th!