Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sad Day

When I went off to Gordon College, it was honestly my first real experience living with a lot of christians my age. I came from a believing family, my parents had many christian friends, but we didn't have Christian radio and just one very small Christian bookstore. Upon arriving, I met a very good friend who introduced me to Christian music beyond Michael W. Smith and Amy Grant. I completely fell in love with the music of Steven Curtis Chapman. It was well written, authentically Christian and for me very thought provoking. Not to mention, he's just an outstanding musician.

I'm not a huge concert goer, but my friend dragged me to a couple of his concerts and since then I've been dragging T when I can. It's been nearly 20 years and I still love his music, his family, his commitment to his children. I'm so heartbroken for this family right now upon hearing this news last night. I cannot even imagine what this tragedy means for such a close-knit, prominent family. They have pioneered making adoption more accessible for families and have a strong commitment to their own children.

Sometimes we get a chance to say, "I'm so glad God chose this for me!!" And I know this family has said that many times. Then we have those times when we wonder, "Why did God choose this for me??" For a 5 year old little orphaned girl in China, God already knew her time and He gave her an incredible family to spend it with. It's just so tragic, the circumstances surrounding this accident, and I'm sure it will take years of healing for each of them to come to peace with their grief. My thoughts and prayers are with each of them.

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Kathryn said...

This is unspeakably sad.