Thursday, May 15, 2008

Plan B

T just told me we need a plan B for our summer trips. I guess that's the formidable question... at what point do we decide that a trip is not going to happen because we cannot incur debt? Unfortunate, but when you are trying to raise $185,000 for 5 trips and have strict guidelines about how you can raise those funds, I guess you need a plan B. We've never had a plan B before. For me, I've always stuck with plan G - the God plan. But if he says we need a plan B, then we must need it!! Hmph. It would appear that extra heartbeat I've been granted isn't doing me much good.


megan said...

ummm...this is freaking me out a bit. we need to pray double time for all your fundraising (and ours!!)

deanna said...

Pray, don't freak out. Plan B is Plan Believe!