Monday, May 05, 2008

Oddly, Still Awake...

I had planned out a nice, relaxing day today. Feeling much better, still not 100%, but I felt like I could finally tackle some ordinary chores, such as grocery shopping.... then the phone rang. When I saw on caller ID who it was, I was thinking that I really ought to put my "Just say no!" training into action. But no, still haven't learned anything from Linda Dillow! No de-stressing in this house.

It was my neighbor, the cafeteria lady, and she was calling to see if I was busy today or if I could work for her - she thinks she has strep throat. This woman has something over me, as I have a child who is very susceptible to strep and I don't want this woman near her!! While I was pondering whether or not I was "busy" today, she went on to tell me that she just walked her dog and when she came in, the kitchen lady called her. We have one woman who runs the show in our elementary school cafeteria. I don't know how she does it, but most people at the school say they have never seen her miss a day, don't know what they would do without her - and I believe them all! Anyway, she left a message saying her husband had a massive stroke over the weekend so that she would not be at work.

Well, that was enough for me. I took Em over to school - it is Teacher/Staff Appreciation week and I helped the kids make a pottery vase for their teacher. Em wanted me to help her bring it in. After that, I ran to get the other vase for Kt's teacher tomorrow, then stopped by church to drop off a few things, pick up our financials for our trips... went home to change into clothes more appropriate for recess and lunch duty. You guessed it - I worked today, did no grocery shopping, but I also didn't collapse, nor did I nap when I got home. In fact, I'm still writing on here.

T and I had Bible study tonight - fun. I'm happy to be feeling much better, but still a little apprehensive about my dr. appointment on Wednesday. Then again, those always make me apprehensive!

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