Wednesday, December 23, 2009

One More 'Tween Year for Katie!

Today is Katie's 12th birthday and what a year it's been! We've gone from elementary school head of the class to middle school low woman on the totem pole. While it's been a year of challenges, Katie has learned to look outside of herself and make opportunities. This has not been easy - for her or her family! But we all know God has placed her in a middle school with 6 other kids that she knows for a purpose, and that purpose is for good.

Aside from only wanting three things in life - a laptop, cell phone and a Facebook account - Katie has chosen for this birthday to serve others. Her BFF threw her a surprise party earlier this month and asked the guests to bring non-perishable items for the Salvation Army food kitchen. How many 12 year olds have friends who know their hearts? It was only days later, not knowing what her friends were scheming, that Katie came to us and wanted to host a Charity Water birthday party. Even though that has not happened, she was pleased with the final outcome! Tonight, for her birthday dinner, she will be dining with a friend of ours in DC with National Community Church who organized Wednesday evening meals and Bible study for the homeless. She is very excited to serve in this way!

Each year, I am amazed by the way God uses and develops Katie into someone He can use. It has been a privilege to watch, painful at times but extrememly rewarding. She thrives in our church's middle school program, hosts the sixth grade girls at our house every Tuesday night, has reached out to those who need a friend in a middle school where she doesn't feel like she has any friends and is constantly using her gifts and talents to serve others. Happy Birthday, to my daughter who is even more beautiful inside than she is outside. May God bless your days and may they be many! Love, Mommy.