Sunday, May 04, 2008

Youth Sunday

Today is Youth Sunday. It's where our high schoolers rock the church, share some testimonies, and we get to inform the church about our summer plans. It's one of the few times our church allows us to to talk about SPACE! It's also the Sunday where some people leave because the music is too loud (and mutter to themselves, "So THAT'S what goes on in the warehouse??"), where others say, "Who did the music today? We should have them more often!!" and where many others come up to us and say, "So this is what you do with students.... hmmm..." All in all, it's fun and I enjoy a break from a typical Sunday service. Because I used to be a Baptist, and we had a lot of variety in our little 60+ member church!

My mom called me yesterday to tell me what their youth group is doing to raise money for their trip to Guatemala. She thought we should try it at our church. They are offering three nights out for parents. It's $10/child and they provide a night of fun for the kids. Sounds great, but I don't think we'd be allowed to do that - no fundraising on church property. Not to mention, we could end up with 200 children! YIKES! I do love to know what other churches do, but we're slightly limited. We can be creative, though!;-)

OK, off to get the girls ready for Youth Sunday. My guess is that Super Mario Kart on the Wii will be difficult to pull them away from. Of course, it's a great stress reliever (creator?) for their dad!!

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Colleen said...

D- this parents night out thing could work, not using church property :)! If you wanna talk about it let me know! I have some ideas :D!