Monday, May 26, 2008

Out From Under the Rubble

Been busy this week cleaning out that room for our summer house guest. Today I spent some time in that old closet... cleaning it out and going through the file cabinets. I found some old college stuff in there - funny - and a folder of cards that my students wrote me after my year student teaching in their class. They were funny, sweet, sad... I student taught in an elementary school in the city of Lynn, MA - Hood El. School. I had the most amazing cooperating teacher and the sweetest group of 27 fourth graders - mostly boys. The school had no library, no cafeteria (the gym doubled as a cafeteria), little parent involvement and just blacktop for a playground. I soon realized, however, that the school was the heart of it's surrounding community. I'd arrive early and the playground would daily be packed with kids just waiting to get in. The students, many of whom received breakfast and lunch daily, were eager to come inside. The atmosphere to me was nurturing, warm and friendly. I really miss being there sometimes. Especially after reading all those sweet cards. I wonder what those kids are doing now....

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