Friday, May 16, 2008

If We Were...

So, today/this weekend is pretty beat. Typically, we head to up to Ct for Memorial Day weekend, and this year I was really looking forward to that!! I needed some beach time, a getaway from all the stress around here and just a change of scenery. My mother informed me a few weeks ago that someone else told her they would be coming for MD weekend - I'm not sure how we got left out of the equation, but we just figured instead of that, we'd go up this weekend, since the girls have today off school!

Enter: heart condition, T having to work this weekend, the cost of alternate transportation ridiculously high. Here we are, in Maryland, and I'm just reserving the right to be depressed. I don't want to be here right now, and it's raining, and we have nothing planned anyway. Relax? hardly. There are 100,000 chores that need to be done in this house, so it's anything but relaxing being here. My heart thing has annoyed me for two days now so I'm kind of sitting here, thinking about it and how truly debilitating it is!

If we were in CT, we'd be lounging around, starting to get ready to head up to Einstein's to pick up lunch for my mom. We'd take lunch up to her at school, hang out with her friends, then we'd head off to do something fun, even if it's just hanging out in our second home. We'd wait for everyone to get home, maybe head to the Circle Diner for dinner or maybe even On the Border and Christmas Tree Shop. Then possibly to a movie. We'd be looking forward to a Saturday of Connecticut stuff - maybe hit some tag sales, lunch at Duchess, walk on the beach, Uncle D grilling. It would have been fun.

Instead, I'm here, thinking about my heart, making it worse. Can't do much outside in the rain. Can't even plan another weekend in CT since every weekend from now on is busy - well, except next weekend when we can't go anyway!! I guess I ought to go have something to eat since it's 10:30. I am so not motivated to do anything today. It's just pathetic!


Scott R. Davis said...

hope and pray that your heart gets better and that you can visit your family and have a good time away.Peace to you.

scott r. davis

Kathryn said...

Sorry to hear your CT plans were canceled. Hopefully, you can get another trip in soon.

Just curious--would you ever consider living there? When you talk about it, you really seem to love it there, and have lots of good memories.

deanna said...

I've considered it A LOT! Tony has never had any inclination to live in the "caucasian state", as he woefully refers to it. The job market up there is terrible for someone with security clearance (just not needed!), although I did notice last time we were up there while hunting down a gas station that Oracle has a new facility in Stamford. A small ray of hope! Really, I would LOVE to live near my family, so anywhere they go is where I dream of being!