Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Parent's Prerogative

I'm a parent, so occasionally I choose to use this blog to brag. Although, in this case I'm not sure if some would consider this just plain scary! Not something to really brag about... I've known since Kt came home from a week at Teen Missions Camp with T that she was going to do something big in life. At the age of 6 she had fully embraced the idea of working with orphans in Africa. Having been a first grade teacher, I could easily see this was a different kind of passion than we might normally expect from a child her age. It wasn't just Africa, either. She just wanted to go.

Today I was at the girl's school and Kt's G/T math teacher stopped to talk to me. He said that Kt has taken quite an interest in the situation in Myanmar. Some kids (like Em) are little too empathetic to share details of a natural disaster with because they will fixate on it. Then others (like Kt) need to know because it puts into action areas of the brain that don't ordinarily get a work out. Kt is insistent on a solution to this country not allowing Visas for aid workers. While managing everyday life, she is working on a solution. Her GT teacher basically told me that he expects an email from us 15 years from now about what Kt is doing in the world... because he knows she won't just be sitting at home. She's got a passion.

Just scary, I tell you. And exciting. God has created a mover/shaker and plopped her down in our house for us to raise. It's no wonder I have stress-related heart palpatations!!

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