Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Author's Ice Cream

A few months ago, the girls and I were here in Connecticut (spring break, I believe) and stopped by the home of my childhood best friend's mom's house. I wrote about that visit and how we missed seeing her, and upon hearing that, she invited us back for some author's ice cream. Not only that, we swam in the author's pool, played the author's piano and heard all about the author's grandchildren. It was super fun!!

Em had guessed the author might have a lot of books, and she was not disappointed! Not only that, each of the girls received one of the author's own books, signed.... what a treat. Two Emma Dilemma books, straight from the bookshelf of Patricia Hermes. Kt was quite impressed that PH knows James Howe, an author who had visited the girl's school this year. Em was mostly impressed with the fact that the book she came home with has a ferret and and cat in it. I'm SURE I'll hear more after it sinks in. It takes her a bit longer to process.

Now we just need to find a way to have Patricia Hermes come to our school as a visiting author - that would be the ultimate treat!! Well, for me it would be the ultimate treat if she brought along Jen and her two adorable children. ;-)

Are You Hungary??

Tonight, if you live in the Columbia, MD area, are planning to eat dinner and would like an easy way to support our trip to Hungary (WE LEAVE NEXT WEEK!! EEEK!) - join the team at the Dobbin Road Fuddrucker's. Our team will earn 20% of whatever you spend there. What a deal!! So if you're hungry, come support the Hungary team! Yeah!

Friday, July 27, 2007

A Dozen

We are about to head out after a nice, quite week at home. I can't say that I've accomplished what I'd hoped to, but I did have a nice week. I'm sure I'll be returning to a messy house, once again!

Tonight we are spending the evening up in PA about 4.5 miles from where my grandparents lived while I was growing up. I can't WAIT to go see it! I haven't been there since I was 9 years old, but I have the most vivid memories of that farmland, trips to the milk store while "driving" in my grandfather's lap (can you believe that?), archery on the hill in their backyard, riding on his riding mower with him and playing hours of Skipbo. What fun!

After our little tour, we will be attending the wedding of one of T's former D-team guys, then heading up to CT to get the girlies. We have cookout plans with Em's kindergarten teacher and new husband, who just moved about 4 miles from my mom - weird, but fun! Then Monday T and I celebrate 12 years of marriage. He bought me a gorgeous bracelet, but we have to return it - it's broken.... already. LOL We are exchanging it for a DVR, because that what I've wanted for a long time. I'm such a "hopeless" romantic - aren't I? hehe I just hope it arrives before we leave for Hungary. I hope Em's passport arrives!! Pray with us it does!!

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

Thursday, July 26, 2007


All this news about two girls who grew up to be superstars, lived lives that we'll never understand or experience and are now just completely wasted. Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan - two Disney princesses who have fallen from grace (were they ever even graced?) and have ended up where we should have expected them to all along. Paris Hilton, while not the mouseketeer type, falls in this same category. Is there a solution for them? Will they ever be able to live lives worthy of their following? or will they eventually just not have a friend to speak of??

Honestly, I'm totally against jail time for these bad girls. My solution? Take away all their stuff, money, worldly possessions and make them get real jobs, manage their own money, find a roach infested apartment to live in, have enough clothes for a week, and make them live in the real world. Until they are accountable for everything, they will just continue to live like they are the only thing in the world that matters at all - the ultimate alternate reality. It's just crazy, and frankly, I'm tired of reading about them!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


It's quiet here in Quietville,
all the kiddies have gone north to play.
The usual sounds of whining and complaining
are distant, on delay.

It's silent here in Quietville,
all the parents are getting a break.
They aren't cleaning up as much as usual
because the kiddies no messes do they make!

It's peaceful here in Quietville,
the normal ruckus has turned to still.
You could almost hear a pin drop
if the dogs barking wasn't so shrill.

It's lonely here in Quietville,
no Kt on Webkinz or swimming.
No car questions or home spa days
No cyclone Em MP3 singing.

I'm enjoying the climate in Quietville
but it makes me shiver to think
What kind of place would Quietville be
without my kids? (wink, wink!)

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I Peter 5:7

"Cast all your anxiety on him....."

This is one of those verses that I sometimes wish said something different. How I REALLY want it to end is "because he can make all the bad things go away forever" or "and he'll fix it" or even "so you'll never feel anxious again!" But it doesn't say any of those things. Instead, it simply says "because he cares for you." I should do that because he cares. Because it matters to him. Because when we cast our anxieties to him, it's a practice of our faith in him, our belief that the God who created all things cares about our anxiety. For real, that's bigger than him just taking something away, fixing it or helping me not to be anxious again. He could do any of those things and not care, but he cares. That's big.

Monday, July 23, 2007


Over the past week, I've had the pleasure of reconnecting with some old friends. Sometimes, this is not so pleasurable, but in all three cases I'm so glad I did! First, I called an old playgroup friend who lives really closeby. She works now so we don't see each other at all, but I think it was wonderful talking to her and look forward to getting together for lunch. Second, T and I spent the afternoon/evening yesterday in DC with my best friend from college. We were Connecticut buddies, travel partners and just really had a lot of fun together. Yesterday was no exception. I just love Eli and her family and it was awesome to spend some time with her. Finally, tonight we had dinner with a really special couple. They were one of the first families I met here in Maryland and we instantly connected because they grew up and met in Trumbull, CT, right near my home. It was amazing reconnecting with them, sharing stories old and new and just hanging out. I miss them all... and really wish I had more friends like them all here. Reconnecting can be so refreshing, until you have to say goodbye again!



We received two of our three passports yesterday!! Looks like Em will have to stay home alone while we're away.:-( Poor thing! How will she survive.... LOL. Anyway, if we get hers today, that will knock one thing off my list of things to do this week.

Apparently, my mom got the car questions she was hoping for yesterday on a long ride to Connecticut. The first one was a lengthy discussion on tatoos, if they hurt, why most of them are blue and how much they cost. This should be interesting. The second line of questioning was more like what I get - the questions we can't really answer.... Will the earth ever run out of trees, why do plants need carbon dioxide and we don't..... My mom said she finally understands how I feel as I'm driving along, no internet, no books, being asked questions I'd have never thought of in a million years. Yay, mom! Good luck with those!

I'm sitting around today carless. Of course, on my week of freedom the first thing that happened?? My van won't start. We figured that out yesterday, called someone to come look at it and we're still waiting..... I'm ready to have the thing towed and fixed, but instead I'm sitting here in my pajamas because I have nowhere to go, nothing to do, except clean. Yuck!

Sunday, July 22, 2007


Other than T listening to Paramore downstairs, it's soooo quiet in this house. My mom and the girls left at 5:30 this morning for Camp Lovegren. I've never spent a week without my girls in this house, so it feels weird. I'm excited for them because they've been looking forward to a week without parents - hehe! I have what is amounting to a full week of swimming, doctors stuff, visiting old friends and trying to clean my house without being followed by a cyclone!! I will admit, I felt a tinge of sadness last night wondering what I'd miss this week. It always feels strange not to have my girls around, but I'm sure we'll have just as much fun! Right?

Friday, July 20, 2007


That's not really a word to describe me, but it's something I can say I've done today. I've accomplished:

-doing an insanely ridiculous amount of laundry - and I'm hoping to do small laundry bits in the next three weeks so I'm not doing it all the day before we leave!

-surviving an entire summer day inside with sick children - make that two!

-nothing else.

I can think of a bunch of things I wish I'd done today, but our delivery came of the faux wood our friend is putting on the front of the house, I've been asked to score Webkinz points for both girls today and that's entirely too much fun, I've been taking somebody's temperature all day and am glad to report that she's feeling better - for now, I've been chatting on the phone with a few old friends today - a bit of relief and I did clean up the mountain of shoes that have been piling up in the mud room - but I would not count that as an accomplishment since I SHOULD have made the culprits do it!;-)

Here's what's left on my list:

-reorganize our pantry
-clean all the bathrooms
-file away the girls school papers that I'm keeping
-throw the rest of those papers away!
-clean up the toys all over the back yard (again, someone else should be doing this one!)
-change the sheets on the beds
-wash the kitchen floor
-vacuum the whole house
-clean up my bedroom

On top of that exhaustive list, I need to clear off the front porch so our friend can get started tonight. Why me? Because T is off having fun with the middle schoolers and that was going to be our dinner tonight until Em decided to get sick. NOW I have to figure out what to do about dinner. With no food in the house. It's a glamorous job, but someone's got to do it!;-) I'm not feeling so accomplished anymore!


I figured since I'm stuck at home I'd do a Phoebster update. It has been 8 months since Phoebe was diagnosed with Renal Disease, which she was born with. In that past 8 months, she shows little to no sign of being ill at all!! When she was originally diagnosed, she was given 2 months to 2 years of life, and since then has passed her very first birthday.

Phoebe is an exact replica of Pavlov's dog, although her "triggers" are always associated with people, unless, of course, the opening of cans is involved! She has a funny whollop of a bark when she wants something. She drinks quite a bit (part of the kidney thing - but her big brother shares her passion for agua) and whenever anyone goes to the refrigerator for an ice cube or water, she begins to whallop. Really, though, it's just because she knows someone will play with her.;-)

A regular playmate in her life is Calvin, who had life breathed into him by her. You would never know it, but he really loves her despite his constant yapping and nipping of her. She is such an instigator, though, that we know she loves it! Those two truly have a love/hate relationship - they love to play and hate to be apart! Her second favorite playmate.... it's a toss up between Em and T. Kt would be a close favorite as well!

Phoebe is a very gentle, playful, affectionate and compliant dog. She comes when we call her (wish she'd teach her big brother that trick!), runs at the speed of lightening (or maybe faster!) and will find any way out of her boundaries just to be with someone. We rarely remember that she has a life-threatening condition because she is just so full of life!! When we do remember, it's hard to imagine life without her. I'm sure if she could speak, she'd say she loves life just the way it is - only with more canned dog food!

The Way Kid's Minds Work

Well, today has been interesting... and it's only a little after noon.

Em's fever is gone, but she woke up with a killer stomach ache. T took Kt to swim lessons and I went with a sick little girl to pick her up. Of course, we were barely out of our neighborhood when she vomited in the convenient bucket we brought along. Fortunately, she felt much better afterward because we had to keep truckin'!

Once she was feeling better, she asked the question that had apparently been on her mind all along:

How old do kids need to be to ride in the front seat?

I told her the first number that came to my head - 13. I sort of figured that was the end of that conversation, and while she felt much better she was still looking a bit ragged.

We made it up to swim lessons, I shot pictures today because Kt was diving like a champ! She had a great lesson and it was difficult getting her out of the pool. She, of course, asked to sit in the front seat when we got back to the car - what is the obsession with the front seat, I wonder? She was none too happy to be relegated to the back seat with her sick sister. First question out of Kt's mouth: Will Em be able to go to Connecticut?

After a nice little chat about how we have no idea who will be going to Connecticut until everyone is better and how we ought to pray that everyone is healthy enough for Camp Lovegren..... we hit the road. Here's how that went:

Kt: So I learned some rescue techniques today with Tricia.

Me: That would be a great summer job someday - being a lifeguard. Don't you think?

Kt: Dad said that now that I'm a preteen I have to get a job. (HUH?)

Me: Well, there are child labor laws, you know. You'll have to wait until you're about 15 to get a job. Of course, you could babysit when you're 13.

Em: AND you can also ride in the front seat when you're 13.

Yup, that was out of nowhere. So that child was obsessing about the front seat for over 30 minutes.... silently.... or the brain of a child can make much faster connections than the brain of a 37 year old. It's likely both of those!

Katie made some snide remark to Em about being sick (I'll spare you the conversation Em had about her vomit - way too descriptive!). Em said this to Kt: Well, could you AT LEAST pray that I get better??? I'm in for it today.

On a lighter note, I have been telling everyone that this year's missions trip, our first together as a family, will probably not be an annual thing. Of course, for years T and I have dreamed of being able to go to Australia. Just this morning, someone we don't even know messaged T about going to Melbourne, which is where we have a college student serving AND where our friends began a Campus Crusade for Christ. On the way home, Kt asked me if we could go on another missions trip anywhere, where would I want to go. I said Australia and Em said, faster than I could have taken a breath, "I need to go there to see some kangaroos." Nice to know that all our prep meetings have prepared our daughter for a life of mission - to animals!!

Kt wants to go to South Africa - probably because when we stayed at the Animal Kingdom Lodge this past February we heard a presentation from a girl from South Africa. Also, that child has been passionate about Africa since she was 5 years old - God is placing something on her heart. I'm just not sure what.

On an even lighter (or heavier?) note, T wanted me to tell everyone that he just taught Kt how to start a car. Just shoot me now!

Thursday, July 19, 2007


I guess I need to start a packing list for Hungary. With Em being sick today, I started a mental list in my head that looks something like this:

Allergy meds
Prescription meds
ear thermometer
snacks (even the missionary is worried that there will be no kid food - EEK!)
lemonade packets for my bottled water

Somebody, please, don't let me forget my clothes!

Diving In!

On the way home from swim lessons, Kt asked me this:

You know that feeling when you are proud that you did something, but you still feel a little, eh....

Me: wiggly, or still shaky and nervous?

Kt: Yes. That is how I feel!

With all of us watching from the side of the pool, Kt did her first dive off a diving board. She told me on the way this morning that she had decided to do that today, but I didn't realize how much fear was involved. On her first attempt, when I had my camera phone ready to go, she backed out. I had to coax her back out to do a big cannon ball so she felt comfortable on the board. After that, she went back out and stood in position for another few minutes, encouraged by everyone and then did it - a perfect dive! And I didn't take a picture. The pressure was just too great with mom standing by with her camera. I promise, I'll get it tomorrow if I can convince her to do it again!

Em has a fever, so she didn't go in the pool today. Instead, she sat on the sidelines "encouraging" her sister with these words I remember my own siblings yelling to me at times:

"Oh, come on, Kt!"

Now we're home, preparing for the girls exit for Camp Lovegren on Sunday. They are very excited and we're hoping Em is feeling better by then. Mom returns tomorrow evening, so we have a little time, especially being stuck here.

As for me.... I don't know if I'm nauseated from changing my blood pressure meds or from the 700% increase in the cost of all my meds. T's old job had incredible benefits, which have been difficult for me to give up. This new job, not so great. We chose the most expensive insurance coverage so I could keep my doctor but our prescription coverage on that plan is practically nothing. In fact, they have paid NOT ONE PENNY for any of my meds. It's really just nauseating. So this morning sickness feeling in the pit of my stomach today.... could be anything, but it's NOT morning sickness!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Nerd Factor

No surprise.... T's nerd factor is wayyyy higher than mine. I'd even rank Kt as higher than me on the nerd factor in this household. I would come in third and Em would not even rank - seriously. She has no interest in anything involving learning. Case in point....

We went to swim lessons today and her ADHD (undiagnosed, but quite apparent!) kicked in right away. The girl's teacher hopped in the water. Em caught every other word as she bobbed in and out of the water. Trish had to ask her several times, "Em, did you hear me?" She would look right back at her and say, "What?" At one point, she said to her, "Um, can I just go over there and play?" as she lay on her belly on top of a kickboard with her arms and legs up in the air, somehow balancing her body, asking to be excused from her lessons after less than 5 minutes of instruction. Somehow, one year of full day kindergarten did absolutely nothing to improve her extremely limited attention span. It's just, well, embarrassing.

After a few more minutes, I called her over to me and told Trish to work with Kt for a bit and I'd "take care" of Em. That means we have a little speaking to while appearing to be working on our frog kick. Here's what I said: Em, we're here so that Trish can TEACH you things about swimming We are not here to "play" with her. (Em is nodding her head, bobbing up and down, and saying "I know!") When she is trying to talk to you, it's your job to listen and practice the things you need to learn. What did she teach you that we need to work on?

Em: Well, I can't do that chicken, airplane, torpedo thing. It's hard.

Me: Let's practice it. (Try it once, frowny face to me.)

Em: See. I can't do it!

Me: Do you want to try it again?

Em: No.

Me: Em, that's what we're here for. Do you want to take lessons?

Em: YES! But can I just swim?

She then exited to the bathroom, returned to "practice" some more - kickboard surfing, that is - and then I sent her off to learn how to tread water and dive. When she arrived at the other end after asking me if she could join Trish and Kt, Trish said, "We're learning how to tread water. Do you want to try?"

Em - as matter of factly as you could imagine: No.

She did it, but I did tell Trish not to even ask her anymore. Just tell her what you're doing because 9 times out of 10, Em will choose not to learn. No interest. There is not even a baby nerd in there, so I might as well stop looking for one!!

Am I Normal?

I am nerdier than 57% of all people. Are you a nerd? Click here to find out!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Pre-life Crisis

So, our car question today was quite interesting. I was not even backed out of the driveway when it started:

Kt: Mommy, how does it feel to be a double digit?

Me: Wellllllllll, uh, I'm not sure. What do you mean? What is a double digit? and how would I know what they feel like?

Kt: You ARE a double digit.

Me: And you are a single digit?

Em: (has to put in her 2 digits!) What is a digit?

Kt: It's a number, and mommy is two of them and I am one.

Me: But not for long.....

Kt: Right, so how does it feel to be a double digit?

I guess we'd call this pre-life crisis? How many of us double digits remember life as a single digit? I never realized turning 10 could be so life-changing, stressful and dramatic. Of course, she still has 5 months left until this life-altering event. Someone, pass me some Advil.... please!

scc blog

I know it's been a while since I've blogged - it's my summer blogcation! T sent me a message this morning that Steven Curtis Chapman has entered the blogging world. SCC is, by far, my favorite Christian artist. He is just totally passionate about putting God's word and mind down in music, committed to his family and he's a great musician. I know I'm going to enjoy reading his blog!

The truth is, up until I met SCC my junior year in college via one of my roommates, the only Christian artists I'd ever heard of were (seriously) Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith - that was IT! Coming from Connecticut, where there was no Christian radio and bookstores were even far and few between, might have had something to do with that. So, that junior year, I was totally blown away by some of this new music I was hearing, and I just latched onto SCC. This roommate of mine, Eli, met up a couple times after college in various East Coast locations for concerts. We haven't done that in a while, but SHE went and met him in person at an event down south, for Shaohannah's Hope, after adopting her son - sweet little thing that he is! I'm meeting up with her in a few days, not for a concert (boohoo) but for a visit after several years of not seeing her at all. I can't wait to tell her something about SCC that she doesn't know (or maybe she does... oh well!).

Anyway, welcome to the world of blogging, SCC!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Happy Birthday, Bro!

My "little" brother is now 32.... I always used to tease him that he was born on Friday the 13th. LOL! In fact, we still do tease him, quite a bit. His nickname was french fry, because of his petite stature and probably due to his position as youngest in the family. Not only was he the youngest, but he was also the only boy. He doesn't believe it, but those two things combined provided A LOT of perks for him!!

My little brother is an avid car enthusiast, percussionist who dabbles (for a living) in architecture. He has a sense of humor that is rivaled only by..... well, no one. My girls have always been enthralled by him, his Ducati motorcycle and his XBox 360. If I had to boil it down to one word that describes my brother, it would have to be infuriating! I say that with the utmost of love in my heart.

From the time he was young, my brother has always walked to the beat of his own drum. No one else will be drumming for him. I can remember dropping him off and picking him up an hour later from a sleepover party at the ripe age of around 12. His friends has decided to add drugs and drinks to the party, and he decided it was time to go home. While he remained friends with these guys, he pursued his passions of cars and drums instead. Now, these two things did not have anything to do with academics!

It was in high school that my brother had to learn the fine art of brown nosing. You see, he was not at all passionate about school, unless school involved his drafting class. He had decided early on that cars and drums were going to be his entertainment, and to fund these hobbies he needed a "real" job. This job would be architecture. He excelled in drafting, paid attention to just enough math and for everything else - "Where There's a Will, There's An A"! He poured himself into those videos, which taught him just enough to squeak by in all other classes he deemed a nuisance. When it came time for college apps, we were all thinking he was dreaming. His dream? Virginia Tech School of Architecture. Of course, having your sister bring your recommendation form to your guidance counselor the DAY it's due is not a great start!

It was my first mother's day, Kt all dressed in her VA Tech outfit at 6 months of age, that we attended Uncle D's graduation from VA Tech. I'm not sure how he did it, but I have to admit, I'm quite certain things would not have worked out so well for me! He went on to land a job in CT that he has loved from day one. As usual, everyone there believes that everything he touches turns to gold. It's really.... well, sickening!

There's a lot more to this story, but we'll leave it at that for now, and wish him a very Happy Birthday. Thanks for making life look so effortless (his wife helps him with that, or his dirty clothes would give him away!), fun and like an adventure waiting to transpire. Uncle D, you are just plain fun (and infuriating!).

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Connecticut: the New Hollywood??

Tonight I was chatting with my sister-in-law. After reminding me that tomorrow is Friday the 13th AND my brother's birthday, she started filling me in on local news, in CT. Here's part of our conversation:

J: they have been filming a movie down the street from our house

me: really????
how fun! and annoying!
who is in it? what movie??

J: they have been filming on and off for about 2 weeks

me: maybe you can be an extra - just go jogging one day

J: I finally yesterday decided to find out.

me: is it raiders of the lost ark???
have you seen harrison ford?????
you lucky duck

J: I did yesterday (jog), but there were cops all around. I could not find much as a definite answer, but I thought I would ask the landlords when I saw them. They are home all day and know everything!
no, better, girly!

me: oooo

J: I asked Arnie today...He could not quite remember the name of the movie, but thought it had to do with 4 girls in long pants....
i was laughing so hard
i might not have been able to figure out what he meant if it were not for my internet research yesterday...
Sisterhood of the Traveling pants 2
ohhh, to be an old man

now I have to see the first one!
wow - that's pretty cook

J: I think I own the first one (she does, I've been meaning to watch that!)
I thought so, D just said oh.

me: you should go across to FFLD and see if they are filming on the water at all

J: I believe they will be back soon. Kate Winslet and Leo DeCaprio are filming in Trumbull
or at least they just did

me: WHAT???

J: at the YMCA and that area

me: Fairfield County - the new Hollywood

J: funny huh?

me: it's crazy!
and some big movies, too

J: I told D to look out for Harrrison, but he never saw him
he did say that he and J were returning from lunch in downtown one day and had to take a big detour to get back to the office.
There were all these extras dressed in period clothing...
Robert DeNiro and Sean Penn were filming at the BPT movie theaters
mostly inside shots

me: Man- I've got to move back to CT

J: can you tell I am star stuck and I have not seen any stars

me: poor you - at least your odds are better than mine!

J: you do, we can go on a star search
I am not sure if I want to see anyone or I just like knowing they have been to my city!

Crazy! They were filming Raiders of the Lost Ark 3 in New Haven, where my brother works. Now all this??? My mom is in L.A. so all the stars headed to Connecticut I guess!! LOL Of course, by the time I get my bottom up there they will all go home!


Once a week, I see people posting these "potpourri" posts. I'm not sure if this is some "official" type of blog post, but I've come upon a week that this word seems to define. It's been somewhat of a mixture of ups and downs, crazy and normal, fun and disturbing, exciting and scary. I'm not sure how much of it to share, but I'll start with a car moment.

On the way to pottery camp today, Kt asked, "Why do cars have so many windows?"

Em answered for me today, "Because we need to see where we are!"

I was kind of thinking to myself, it's nice to see all around me most of the time - a little bit of where I'm going, some parts of where I've been and being transported in my own little comfort zone. Of course, our little zone is a complete mess!! But I won't share THAT part of my week!

I'll keep this brief for my cousin, S, who doesn't like me embellishing my daily tasks! LOL In a nutshell (full of potpourri):

1. Spent Sunday at the little Presbyterian Church where the girls attended VBS - interesting.

2. Monday morning, signed up the girls and dropped them off at pottery camp - who says we aren't spontaneous!

3. Monday morning - offered a job at the little pottery place starting this fall - took it. Again, we are a bit spontaneous.

4. Monday afternoon - doctor's appointment, where once again I'm a mutant patient. Wrongly thinking I was there for a blood pressure lecture, it appears that I have some kind of liver disorder. We are now in the process of diagnosing this. This discovery was a little too spontaneous for me - I'm going to have to rethink the benefits of trying to be flexible!!

5. Tuesday morning - the wedding rehearsal dinner invitations lady came to pick up her envelopes - thankfully!! She only dropped them off on Friday, and was so picky I raced to get them done. 100 invitations.... to a rehearsal dinner on Cape Cod. I was tempted to write one up for myself! They probably wouldn't even notice that nobody knew me!

6. Tuesday morning - my mom arrived for a 32 hour visit before heading off to California with her sister. She was a nice distraction from my newfound obsession with liver disorders!

7. Tuesday afternoon - went to see Ratatoullie (?) with my mom and the girls - great, great movie!!! I will buy that one!

8. Tuesday night - Cheesecake Factory - had to do something really bad for myself before I'm too sick to enjoy it!!

9. Wednesday morning - Breakfast with my mom, shopping with my mom, lunch with my mom, sending her off..... I really do wish she lived here because I miss her a lot when she leaves!! Oh, before she left I had some lab work done - 8 vials, must be bad! EEK!

10. Wednesday evening - saw Beauty and the Beast performed by a summer theater group - it was fabulous. It's a show and movie I could watch multiple times and still love!

11. Today.... picked up half of my prescription and had to pay for the whole thing. Our new insurance doesn't like my meds, so $54 for the first half and they never received the second one from my dr. I'm scared to ask. It's really expensive having "medical conditions." A little depressing.... but then I picked up my kids!

12. Spent the afternoon with my children working on their summer packets. What a crazy thing - summer packets. And of all the ones we've done, we've never seen anyone even check them. Why are we doing them??? I don't know, but it's been good for Em. For Kt, it's just busy work... really!

The scent that is holding my potpourri together is a sweet reminder that God is in control, He's driving my car with lots of windows and revealing only what I need to see. This week, He's really asked me to leave it all to Him - the passports (not here yet), the fundraising (still don't know how much we have or how much we need to pay), the liver thing (a dreadful thing that I know too much about), my control freakiness (which has gotten a little out of control this nice, summer week) and all our trip details. Tonight, I'm actually feeling a bit relaxed because, well, I just don't really know. Sometimes, it's nice to be riding up a hill and not really know what's over that bump. I feel like I have a breather.....

Tomorrow is our last day of pottery camp, my last day of freetime (until the girls go back to CT with my mom! Yay!), and I just want to enjoy it! My potpourri container will be full!!

Monday, July 09, 2007

Slow Down!

Kt's question of the day was:

"Mommy, why do you slow down for those (speed) bumps in the road?"

I was pondering whether or not I should just demonstrate for her why we slow down, but thought better of it considering I need my '99 Toyota Sienna with 150,000 miles on it to last a few more years! Instead, I just answered, "Why do you think?"

Speed bumps are constantly interjected in our lives in many forms and variations, all with the same result: we must slow down! I guess when we refuse to do this ourselves, God throws a bump in the road our direction so we must stop. It's a good reminder, but I wish I was more receptive to listening to him so I could just zoom along unhindered!!

Friday, July 06, 2007

Car Question

OK, today was Em's turn, on the way home after picking the girls up from VBS. I don't know if she's been reading my blog or something or if her sister is just rubbing off on her.

Em: "Mommy, so what's new?"

Me: "Uh, what do you mean? Do you mean in the car?"

Em: "I mean what's different at home. Anything new?"

Me: "Well, not in the last 3 1/2 hours that you were at VBS, no, nothing new!" I'm sure I had some funny face or smirk on.

Em: (laughing) "YES there is. There is NO MORE VBS! That's what's new!"

Me: "Oh, of course, how could I not know!" Feeling quite foolish and outsmarted.

In her heart, I know she's mourning a great loss!

Remember Me

Remember me
In a Bible cracked and faded by the years
Remember me
In a santuary filled with silent prayers

And age to age
And heart to heart
Bound by grace and peace
Child of wonder, Child of God
I'll remember you
Remember Me

Remember me
When the color of the sunset fills the sky
Remember me
When you pray and the tears of joy
fall from your eyes


Remember me
When the children leave
their Sunday school with smiles
Remember me
When they're old enough to teach
Old enough to preach
Old enough to leave


Age to age and heart to heart
Child of wonder child of God

Remember me

Age to age and heart to heart
Child of wonder child of God

~Mark Schultz

Today was the girl's last day of VBS at a beautiful little Presbyterian church up the road from ours. I'm sad our church has never had it's own VBS, but I'm so thankful we've been blessed by this one. Em's favorite thing about VBS was "the workers", who have been warm, welcoming, loving and just crazy for Jesus - it just totally shows in all they did. Kt's favorite thing was craft, probably because those "workers" just bragged on how creative she was, and it made her feel totally special.

I enjoyed VBS because I had a little time to myself. I have to admit, I felt a bit guilty dropping my children off to be ministered to, then running off to swim laps or run some errands. It always feels strange to me that I'm not part of making something happen, but I did enjoy it! Today I finished up a bit early and was sitting in my car and this song came on. I've heard it at least a thousand times, and I love the melody, the harmonies, it's a beautiful song.

Today, as I listened to it and sang along (aren't you glad you weren't there!;-)), I was seriously overwhelmed by the idea that the joy on the faces, in the dancing, while blowing bubbles, skipping rope and all the other various activities my children enjoyed this week, were all a reflection of the joy of Christ, of knowing Him, loving him and being blessed by Him. "Remember Me, when the children leave their Sunday Schools with smiles...." As I walked up to the little church to pick up my kids, I took extra time to notice and remember Him in all those smiles, in the laughter, the hugs and their goodbyes.

"I'll remember you. Remember Me."

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Not Sure about This One

I'm hoping this is true of me, but I think I'm really a little more type-A than this!

Your Travel Personality Is: Easygoing

When you travel, you're looking for a lot of downtime. Vacations are your chance to recoup.
All you need is a scenic spot and plenty of time on your hands. You'll figure out the rest.
You're not one to make lots of plans when you travel. You just follow whatever path seems right.


Em and I are just those today. It's been nice! We are literally sitting around vegging. Kt is at a friend's house. We are doing a little laundry, straightening up here and there, but mostly just sitting around, looking through books, watching a bit of TV (it's kind of rainy out), play dohing, just "chillaxin" - it's nice!

Of course, we could be pondering Kt's most recent car question.

"Mommy? (she always waits until I respond, even when I'm looking right at her.... so annoying!) Is it true that the smaller you are, time will pass faster?"

My inadequate answer: "No, time is the same for everyone. It doesn't change based on time."

Kt: "No, I mean, like, animals."

Me (completely confused, making my "I'm not making that connection" face): "Uh, I have no idea what you are talking about."

Kt: "Well, like for an ant, isn't a month shorter? And then for a bigger animal, like a dog it's longer? Does it take longer for them to do things? Oh, just forget it."

After that, I just totally ignored the "What's that middle lane for?" question, because there was no middle lane and I just wasn't in the mood. Since I'm bigger than her, I was hoping the trip to her friend's house would be shorter for me!


CNN has a heart-wrenching piece today on widows in India. I must admit, I knew little about the plight of a widow in that country, but I'm so thankful the same cannot be said about widows in this country! The life of a widow is not easy at any stage of life or in any country, but to be shunned by all, unable to marry again or earn a living.... it's really just a sad state. I really believe that this is another form of bondage created by a false religion. I hope this article heightens awareness not only about an injustice far away, but a reminder everywhere that we need to better minister to widows and orphans in our own corner of the world.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy 4th of July!!

Packing up beach stuff, cooler full of food, red, white and blue, friends, family, beach, sun, Penfield Pavilion, sunset band concert, LI Sound full of private yachts, walking the beach, sunburn, big feet painted in the street, digging out loungers in the sand, fun with friends, cheese whiz, fireworks, big booms, vibrating ground, smell of burning explosives, boat horns, ooooo, ahhhhhh, preppy fireworks, sparkle fireworks, naming all the fireworks, finales, long walk back to the car, traffic jam in downtown Fairfield......4th of July!

Of course, there were those years we didn't make the beach trip to the fireworks and my dad would take us up to the church (two doors away!) and we'd watch what we could see from just under the bellfry. Or the time we actually make the trek down to Washington, D.C. for a crazy trip to the mall!

Today, we had the red, white and blue, (VBS!), food, friends, rain....... yup, and one tornado in Columbia, MD! On our way home, despite a raindate, we discovered that rain soaked, lightening laden, tornado blown Columbia went ahead with their abbreviated fireworks show. We stopped along 29 and watched from our car through the windshield wipers! They were beautiful - all 5 of them.

Happy Fourth!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

And finally....

You Are A Pistachio Ice Cream Girl

Funky. Surprising. Wild.

I was just thinking today that I haven't done this for while!

Brain Pattern

Your Brain's Pattern

You have a tempered, reasonable way of thinking.
You tend to take every new idea in, and meld it with your world view.
For you, everything is always changing. Each moment is different.
Your thinking process tends to be very natural - with no beginnings or endings.

I'm Blue

Your Brain is Blue

Of all the brain types, yours is the most mellow.
You tend to be in a meditative state most of the time. You don't try to think away your troubles.
Your thoughts are realistic, fresh, and honest. You truly see things as how they are.

You tend to spend a lot of time thinking about your friends, your surroundings, and your life.

Oh Where, Oh Where....

(to the tune of, well, you know!)

Oh, where, oh, where have our 3 passports gone?
Oh, where, oh, where can they be?
We applied on time for a June arrival
Oh, where, oh, where can they be???

Oh, where, oh, where have our 3 passports gone?
Oh, where, oh, where can they be?
You would think they'd arrive here at the given time
For such an exorbitant fee!

Oh, where, oh, where have our 3 passports gone?
Oh, where, oh, are they kept?
At the bottom of the pile in the passport office
Where all the other missionary's passports collect!