Saturday, May 03, 2008


I'm feeling rather subdued now that the Hungary team has taken off for a fundraiser! They (most of them) arrived at 10 this morning, some left for band practice at church, we had lunch and off they went. Really, we accomplished a lot in a little bit of time. It's exciting to see some momentum in something that you've been thinking about and planning for for a while but waiting for things to move. They are now moving!

ES was home for the weekend, so nice to catch up with a team member who is in college. We also received a timely email from another team member, LB, who is currently serving with YWAM on a DTS in Italy. She sent us a great email about rest, something I need to be doing more of, I guess. Some good catch up time today.

One of the things that is neat this summer is the fact that we know many of the families we'll be serving. It's neat for us, but I'm a little concerned about all our new team members. I don't want them to feel like they don't know what is going on!! It's been a temptation of ours to reminisce about last year together, or even try to put this year into perspective for everyone based on last year. Really... it's a whole new thing this year, and we ought to treat it that way. We know we are going to serve some really amazing families - I am just in awe that God is sending us again. If you ever want to spend a week with movers and shakers, come with us!!

I know that God has many things in store for us this summer, many of which are already set in motion. I know that we will be spiritually challenged - body, mind, soul - before we leave, while we're there. I can feel a great need for some serious prayer for our team, the families in Europe and the revival that is on the horizon for Europe. I just feel it. I know for a fact that we can't have any kind of momentum without the spirit leading us. It just can't happen any other way. I'm excited and scared all at the same time!


friend said...

What a fun looking group!

Praise God!


deanna said...

They are truly an amazing group! God has been so gracious with us.=)