Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Ominous Task

What's even more ominous than raising thousands (OK, hundreds of thousands) of dollars for summer missions? More ominous that heart palpitations? More ominous than having your kids home from school on Friday... then for the entire summer? Even more ominous than trying to pull off a silent auction when you've never done one before???

Well, it's cleaning my house. This is currently the International Office of Space, soon to be bedroom to one of our favorite peeps, LB, who is right now finishing up her DTS in Italy. Where will she sleep? I have no idea right now! Better question is, though, where will she put her clothes? The sad thing is that when it comes or organization in this house, I'm showing you a nice corner... sad to say. You. should. see. the. basement. "Nuf said.


Jackie said...

You need your sis in law...

deanna said...

You're darn right, I do! So... when are you coming?? =)

Just Me said...

That looks like my whole house!!!! Nuff said.

Ex- Stalker

Scott R. Davis said...

yeah, like my apartment but yours is an organized chaos.

Scott R. Davis
from trinity baptist ffld.