Sunday, June 01, 2008

Sorta Busy Weekend

So, it was semibusy, but also restful. We got our extra room ready for our summer house guest, who stopped in, dropped off her stuff and headed out to see those friends of hers she has all over town. No sooner was she off then T took Em to the Nighttime Pediatrics. She's been complaining since dinner that her ear hurts - which is unusual for her. Unfortunately, the unusual thing is her complaining - we are no strangers to nasty ear infections. The trouble is, by the time that one is complaining, it usually a really bad double ear infection... and that's what it is!! Poor little girl. This is no way to start off our swim season, first practice tomorrow and our first cavity is supposed to be filled on Tuesday.

We had our fence guy come out today. Our backyard is a bit larger than we thought. It's still a triangle, but we own 18 feet off to one side of our house - not what we expected. So far, a fence is likely not an option because the neighbors we love aren't very interested in a fence... so we'll wait. It was some good info and some great ideas, though, from our neighbor the fence builder - we're going to have to repay him generously for his time. =)

Sounds like they're back - getting down our first dose of penicillen. I've been working on a few auction things - that's this Friday. More on fundraising ideas that've we've been throwing around in a bit.... for now, it's a go. So, this week... busy, busy, busy!

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