Saturday, July 26, 2008


Let me just say this - airlines in America need to step up! While we waited to get on our United flight, we were asked to fill out a survey with the following question:

Which would you prefer instead of a complimentary meal on your international flight?

1. Meals you pay for
2. Snacks you pay for
3. Meals made by famous chefs that cost an arm and a leg and possibly a kidney
4. Just to bring your own food.

OK, so they weren't that ridiculous, but seriously, why bother asking?? I simply wrote that I would prefer two complimentary meals on my flight overseas - dinner AND breakfast like all other airlines provide!! I mean... seriously! Are they kidding??

Anyway, we sat on our plane for 2.5 hours waiting for various technicians to check out power issues - very disconcerting! Then we took off, had dinner on the plane at 9pm and a snack before we landed.... late, missing our connecting flight with Lufthansa, which is currently striking so they had already reassigned us to a later flight with Austrian air.

Here's a REAL airline!!! (It's the one we flew non-stop last year to Vienna, and they fed us two meals and a snack... like back in the old days!) For our 1 hour 5 minute flight - in the US you might get a drink, maybe even a small bag of 5 mini pretzels - we received beverage service, a salad with cheese something on it, hard roll and dessert. My kids also received a kids package with little puzzles and games and crayons. We've never gotten anything like that on our 3-4 hour plane rides around the US - ever! United gave them wings for our 7 hour flight to Frankfurt!

Anyway, I wish Austrian air had some domestic US flights - I'd fly them every time!!

Friday, July 25, 2008


We are finally in Hungary, and it's so nice! I loved Vienna last year, but this year was really kind of beat... just for me, though. The team had an AWESOME time - sightseeing, hanging out, shopping, eating cheaply, etc. I made the mistake of overdosing on my bp meds... sort of. I just didn't take into account our delayed flight - which made my Tuesday evening dose even later, and our early Wednesday bedtime in a 6 hour earlier time zone dose only 12 hours (instead of 24 hours) later... equals - lots of nausea and dizziness. It took me some time to figure it out, but let's just say our wonderful hostel was about all I saw in Vienna. That and the airport!!

All while I was sleeping, I learned that my family got to visit Shonbrunn Palace again (I SO wanted to visit the gardens), my youngest daughter almost hopped off the subway at the wrong stop - well, actually she did jump off and T just made it out in time to grab her!, she also walked into a pole - not pretty, and Kt went all out navigating her team's trip to City Hall - very enthusiastically. I'm sad to have missed it all, but I also know that everything happens for a reason.

So, while back in my hostel closet, I mean room, I started reading a book about being foolish. I mean, what better time to pick that up than when I'm hauling my family half way around the world with 22 other people to run a kids program? It led me to John, where I read this:

There was the true light which, coming into the world, enlightens every man. He was in the world, and the world was made through Him, and the world did not know Him. He came to His own, and those who were His own did not receive Him. But as many as received Him, to them he gave the right to become children of God, even to those who believe in His name, who were born not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God. And the Word became flesh, and dwelt among us, and we beheld His glory, glory as of the only begotten from the Father, full of grace and truth. John 1:9-14
I read these words a few times and then reflected on the idea of what truth really is. It's really why we - T and I - do what we do. We don't take students to far away places to make them better people or turn them into the future leaders of the world - not that that's a bad thing. We do it, really, out of our love for truth. Our desire to share truth with the world.

This passage in the Bible speaks of only one person, Jesus. There is not, was not, nor will there ever be any other like Him. For me, there is so much power in this passage - the Word became flesh - and so much love - and dwelt among us - and so much awe - and we beheld His glory - and so much humility - glory as of the only begotten from the Father, full of grace and truth. We do what we do because we believe these words with all our heart, and we believe it's an all-inclusive message for every single person. We do what we do to further truth.

Sure, we have many other reasons why we give up vacation time, hours of personal time and put blood, sweat and tears into this volunteer stuff, but in the end if we aren't doing it for this reason alone - because Christ did so much more for us - then it's all in vain.

I'm excited to be here in Hungary. It's so great to see all these families from last year, meet some new ones and serve with some amazing students. Already, as a leader team, we are awed by things we never noticed in these students - and when we turned our backs for one moment, there they were in spontaneous prayer outside our hotel, and we were humbled. God moves here, and I'm so excited to serve Him in this capacity because I really and honestly believe that we are going to further truth in a dark world, that we can shine a light where one has not yet been lit. It's exciting. Don't you wish you were here with us?

And... I'm feeling much better, now that I've just finished my first Fanta Citrom of the week! ;-)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Marathon Laundry

I have two days to get it all done... well, actually, I have 1.5 days since it's already time for dinner!! We took the girls to see Space Chimps today (I almost fell asleep, having nothing to do with the movie, which I think must have been cute?), stopped by LL Bean to pick up a few things, like microfiber towels, American Eagle, where Kt picked up some tank tops for her friends in Hungary and then on to Target, where, as a family, we spend a ridiculous amount of money together. Some of it was for our friends in Hungary, some of it was for our friends here and the rest of it was stuff we needed for our trip. Why is it that there are so many things you have to bring with you on a trip? It makes it more difficult when you don't know if you'll be able to find what you need or have any way to get to a store!!

I spent 1.5 hours at church today making copies and putting books together. I'm feeling rather ready in respect to stuff we are taking, just not my own stuff!! I do need clothes, meds, deodorant would be nice! =) I just haven't even gotten around to even making the list of things I need to bring. I have a list of things to print, of things to copy, things for the team, things for the babies, things that are in every team bag... but still no packing list for me... and kt... and em. It's a good thing that T takes care of himself, at least!

We are at 71% of our trip support - another $11,000 to go. It should be interesting to see how it all works out!! Pray for us! and my laundry! =)

Friday, July 18, 2008

Coming Up for Air

I dove in and now I'm coming up, lighter than before! =) Today another amazing friend took both my girls for the afternoon AND evening!! It was a little hairy there at first, with me getting stuck at Target in the return line, filling my cart with back-to-school supplies that I missed last year because of our trip, showing up late to pick up Kt and having my "tank empty" light shining the whole way. I picked Kt up early from tennis camp - last day - and met her friend there. We spent our early afternoon painting pottery after picking up Em and having some Ledo's pizza.... yum. We then met her friend's mom at the pool and I came home to dive in...

It's crazy here. My house is a bottomless pit of junk right now. I decided when I got home to retreat to my basement - the International Office of Space - and work on those activity books for Hungary. And I finished them!!! Now I just need to copy and bind them. WOOHOO! Then T came home and we went to a Tapas bar in Maple Lawn Farms. Very cool, very chic, very... well, we were completely underdressed - didn't think about that before we went there because my mind is just way too jumbled to care, but I did notice! we were the only ones in shorts and T-shirts!! And, of course, my husband looks to be about 28!! Very funny and yummy. We had Bruschetta Rojo, Duck with butternut squash, hazelnuts and celery, Curried chicken (which was to die for!) and some potatoes with some incredible dips. Next time we go, I'll dress nicer - I promise!

Once we got home and found out our children were playing the wii outdoors at someone's house on a projection screen, I dove once again into those wedding invitations... and they are done, for the most part. I have one question and one missing.... gotta find that. Then they are outta here!! Which is super, because tomorrow night is the packing party, and boy do we have a lot to pack. I can't really walk through my living room anymore!!

Oh, tomorrow morning, bright and early... swim meet. I guess I ought to go to bed!!

Quick update.... we are personally about $700 away from our support goal as a family. WOW! And our team is at 71%... minus the electronic giving which hasn't been updated in over a week - vacationing accountant. So... I wonder if there will be any surprises in there? I mean, I'm hoping! LOL

Some prayer requests:

I ordered 2 boxes of materials from Oriental Trading over a week ago. The two boxes have been sitting in Martinsburg, VA "sorting" for almost three days now... and I need them!! Pray they make it before we leave! (Further challenging in this effort is the fact that we have not had house numbers up for almost a year... when we had the rotten wood on our house replaced!)

My laundry - I have not even started that laundry, packing, cleaning... in fact, I've hardly thought about it. Now that my two large projects are out of the way, pray I can refocus enough to get it all done in half the time it normally takes!

My mom is traveling here Monday, then going on her first cruise to Alaska on Wednesday. Pray for smooth, safe travels for her and my aunt. I know they anxious and excited all at the same time!

Pray for the girls... who are clearly getting a bit stressed at this point. We all are!!!

Pray that God is glorified in all that we do, before, during and after our trip. It's about way more than just while we're there. Just look at my living room!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

5 days and counting!

In five very short and fun-filled days (typed sarcastically!), we will be departing for Vienna, Austria. I have no financial update, and that's OK... I have a peace that it will all come in. I do have a domestic update, however.... living room is half full (of "stuff" we are packing Saturday night), dining room is full (of wedding invitation envelopes I'm calligraphying for someone - over 250....), kitchen is only semi-functioning because nobody seems to have the time to fix it, laundry room is fully loaded. I still don't even have our suitcases up from the basement, so we're not in "full steam ahead" mode quite yet. I imagine that will happen after.... the swim meet.

Yup, we're crazy. Why are we even bothering? Well, for starters, we need to do something as a family before we go. We'll do the swim meet Saturday and then Kung Fu Panda on Sunday, because I can see our fuses are short with our children! We need to regain some semblance of family unity before we travel with 22 other people on a missions trip. Also, it will be T's only competitive swim meet he can attend this year - and I think he needs to experience that! I think he'll be proud of the girls and it will be a good breather for him.

Today, I have this amazing babysitter/housesitter/dogsitter/friend who has taken the girls to the JumpZone for the afternoon - she is amazing. I'm completely indebted to her. I'm going to take a little break from putting together some activity books for Hungary and get some more work done on those wedding invitations so I can hopefully get them out of this house before our packing party Saturday night, when all mayhem breaks loose on my house!


If you're in the area and want to join us, we're at Maggie Moo's this evening for our last Hungary fundraiser, because yes, we are all about ice cream on this team!!

6:30 - 8

Be there or be round (like a scoop of ice cream!... get it?)

Maple Lawn Farms

And not to scare you off, but they are letting us scoop the ice cream! ;-)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My Brother

My brother is....

.... the kind of person who makes you laugh until your sides hurt, and you can't even talk anymore.

.... smarter than anyone realizes. Even he doesn't realize it!

.... the best debater I've ever known. He never loses a debate, even when he's wrong, he will leave you speechless.

.... the most incompassionate person I know. But will still go to the ends of the earth to help someone really in need. I know - that makes no sense... unless you know him!

.... the only person I know who can make me go from fuming mad to hilariously silly in a matter of milliseconds.

.... very deliberative. He calls it cautious. We call it lazy. In reality, it's both. =)

.... a mean percussionist. I mean, really mean. I'd stay out of his way when he's holding a pair of drumsticks!

.... a liar. At least that's what his niece, Em, says. She does not understand his sarcasm at all!

.... a brainwasher. If he says it, you'll believe it. Trust me. And don't trust him if he offers you Kool-Aid. (Remember - I warned you!)

.... loves candy, even though he'll say he never touches the stuff. I've seen him down a Fun-Dip faster than you can say "sugar!"

.... will make an awesome Dad someday. Of course, he's still deliberating on that one. And while we think he's incompassionate in his stance to remain childless until he finds his dream house, he did just give a co-worker some baby advice yesterday (and then ran it by me just to be sure!). I know he'll make a great daddy.

.... pretty much only needs affirmation from one person. And since he's in heaven, I get the calls now. (Talkin about my dad, not the other guy up there!)

.... so much fun to be with - anyone would agree. And he is so prideful about that fact!!

.... the most wonderful uncle ever. Just ask Kt, who thinks the world of him.

.... makes me wonder why didn't have a third child.... but only once in a blue moon.

I am really thankful God gave me such an intriguing brother - just don't tell him I said that. It will surely go to his head!

happy birthday, old man!

My Brother's Birthday

Just to give you an idea of what my life is like... after talking to pretty much everyone about my brother's birthday (this past Sunday) I didn't remember it until around 11pm that day! UGH! I am just doing way too many things!! Anyway, I sent him a little belated birthday message and he sent this picture of him after the festivities.

You’re a little late…almost. Here is a photo of me from the celebration.

He's much older than when I last saw him! about two weeks ago. So like my brother. I just love him! And even though he's my younger brother, I can assure that I haven't aged as quickly! ;-)


I took Kt at the end of school to get a manicure. She has been asking for one, no kidding, since she was in kindergarten!! Which I thought was absolutely ridiculous, since I got my first one when I was 24. Anyway, this was her reward for memorizing the armor of God passage in scripture. She loved it, it was fun and it was only $10 at this little nail place up the street. There were other kids there getting pedicures (you know, I still don't know what I think about that!).

Last week, the girls hopped in the shower one afternoon and spent quite a long time upstairs. When I went up to check on them, they had set up a full fledged nail salon and were in the thick of giving each other manicures. Actually, they were almost done. When I asked what was going on, Em said,

"We are getting manicures. But don't worry, we didn't cut our cubicles."

Kt added, "No, no cubicles!"

(That is not a typo.... and I could hardly keep from laughing myself silly!)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Why do people still use this site?? I've never used it, mostly because I prefer to make direct contact with hotels, car rental and airlines myself. A couple years ago, my brother and his wife planned a trip to Seattle and use Travelocity to make their hotel reservations - what a big mistake! They missed their JetBlue flight - and JB was amazingly accommodating. Especially because they missed the flight due to traffic - which around NYC is pretty status quo. When I called to cancel their first night in Seattle, however, the hotel informed me that I would have to call Travelocity to cancel.... and they were not at all accommodating. In fact, they were quite annoyed that I would think the standard "call by 6 pm the day you check in" would apply to them - no, they wanted three days for cancellations! Too bad my brother didn't know three days before he set out for the airport that it would take more than 5 hours for that hour long trip!

Anyway... moving ahead... my mom is heading to, of all places, Seattle, for an Alaskan Cruise. For some reason, she used Travelocity. Had I known she was making the airline reservations without the help of her travel agent, I would have helped her do it herself. She planned a nice day and half in Seattle before her cruise so they could be adjusted to the time and be ready, get their bearings and head off on a nice, leisurely vacation.

Enter: Travelocity, the unnecessary vacation wrecker. They have twice changed her flights, cutting out an ENTIRE DAY of her vacation.... have "rebooked" her on a flight with a connection in Chicago - and only 1/2 an hour between their flights and did not assign her seats. She has been unable to connect with them to get seat assignments. What's worse - they tried to charge her more money for changing her flights!!! Um, she didn't change them, Travelocity, duh, you did!! Makes you wonder!! She has also tried to call them for help, and the general consensus is (from both of our experiences) don't bother!

So, my aunt, who is in her early 70's and just had hip replacement surgery a couple years ago, will be sprinting through Chicago O'hare to make it to her next gate before the plane leaves without them - someone at Travelocity should know this would be an impossible feat for even an athlete in his prime! This is not the 80's, when they would hold a place for you. Instead, this is the year 2008, when you can get in trouble for running in an airport and they stop boarding people 15 minutes before the door of the plane even closes. Get with the program, folks!! As for the expensive hotel they booked right by the dock of their ship... I think Travelocity should pay for that night that they will likely miss. Boo on Travelocity!

Sunday, July 13, 2008


It feels a bit like Camelot here - rain all night, sun all day. I'm sure that can't last forever!! But I do love the legend. =)

It is 10 days until we leave, and as usual, I have a million things swarming through my head.... I have program stuff to do, still more to purchase, laundry, packing, and cleaning for our housesitter! My mind is getting really disjointed!

We are close to raising what we need for this trip and we have one more fundraiser this Thursday night - scooping Ice Cream at Maggie Moo's in Maple Lawn. After that, we'll just have to believe that God will provide because I'm pretty sure we won't be able to do any more at that point! To date, we have raised..... over $94,000 for our summer trips. That is one significant and humbling number. It is also about half of what we need to cover all our expenses, so keep praying for us - please!!

After we leave next week, the Cameroon team will follow us in early August with the England team right behind them. We won't have a status on our funds while we're away because the three of us who take care of them will be, well, serving overseas! I guess I'll add that to my list of things to ponder in my really foggy mind.

I cannot thank those of you who are supporting us, in prayer and financially, for EVERYTHING!! We are all so excited to go - so happy to be sent. We know we couldn't do this without support. We know we won't be going without provision from God. We know all our efforts are in vain unless we believe both of those things. So thanks for co-laboring with us!

One more team meeting Tuesday... EEK!

Friday, July 11, 2008


Just read this article, and I think it speaks to every American. Should be read by all. We live in an amazingly generous country, and we should not forget that!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Self Manicure

I'm getting ready to paint my nails. It's a luxury not many stay-at-home moms can afford, so when it *needs* to be done, we do it ourselves sometimes. Even when we can afford it, we don't always want to explain to the manicurist why our nails are green. I mean, not painted green, stained green. If I explained they are green from the Jungle Fungus cleaner that my husband used in his daughter's betta fish tank because she has some flesh eating bacteria, it still might not make any sense. Why would that turn my nails green? Well, when you put half a tablet into a fishbowl (enough for 20 gallons of water!) full of plastic rocks, a fake plant (whose base has disintegrated) and bamboo (whose roots have become dark green astroturfish feeling weeds), everything turns a super dark shade of green. Not to mention, aforementioned betta fish is now having difficulty breathing, not moving anymore and definitely not eating. She probably couldn't see.

So, back to my fingernails. On his way out the door to take a group of middle schooler to Baltimore for the next two nights and days, I mentioned that the fish was not looking so good. He agreed. I then called him and mentioned that maybe he put way too much of that Jungle stuff in the tank and he said, "How would you feel about cleaning that tank for me?" What kind of a question is that? I don't do animals, and I'm already having to take care of his two dogs (who will undoubtedly bark all night, relieve themselves numerous times on my kitchen floor and not eat or obey in protest of T being gone), his children, attend swim meet number two without him - again - a host of other obligatons. Do I want to clean a fish tank? Not really, but I also don't want fish funeral duty.

Off I go, and let me tell you, scrubbing every surface of every little rock (I'm sure he's never done that - judging by the amount of crappola on them!) with a little scrubby sponge does strange things to fingernails. Especially when everything is coated with Jungle Fungus remover. I guess I should have worn gloves!!

For real?

I found a dollar store today right next to the tennis courts that Kt has been attending camp at this week. This morning, Em and I ran in and found a bunch of things I've been looking for for Hungary - Yay!! We carried our loot up the counter, both of us almost dropping our items. Before I placed them on the counter I asked the man at the register if they take charge, and he replied yes. We unloaded our stuff and he proceeded to ring it all up. Once he hit total I swiped my card.... and he said to me, "Is that MasterCard?" I looked up and said, "Yes." He replied, "We only accept Visa." Are you kidding?

Anyway, all my loot is still at the dollar store. We had to go get Kt! Bummer... and I've never heard of such a thing!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Sometimes, God can be ridiculous. T paid for all the airline tickets for Cameroon (16 peeps), England (12 peeps?) and Hungary (26 peeps) and maxed out all the churches' credit cards. Hmmm... As a little surprise, God raised the stakes for us and added a $100 surcharge for jet fuel onto each ticket (minus Kt and Em). Hmmm.... seriously, at this point, there would be no doubt that it's a God thing, making it to our goal. I'm kind of wondering if we'll also get slammed with a baggage charge!

Off the subject of money, T and I hammered out the final details on what the team is teaching at the conference - Running the Good Race. We've divided the week into some different themes (based on one of our team member's recollections of Pilgrim's Progress - very loosely based once we got our hands on it!) to Complacency (having to rely on God's strength, not our own - Samson), Humiliation (letting God use us even when we feel "silly" - Jonah), Despair (connecting with other members of the body - Paul and Silas in jail), Servants Heart (serving those in need - The Good Samaritan) and finally the Reward (heaven, reaching our goal, Paul's life as a missionary). I think we've finally connected all the pieces, so our last tasks include adding more substance and coming up with some good games - one more meeting, so it must happen there. You can pray for our team (pray, pray, pray!!)!

It's really a race we are running to get to Hungary, (Cameroon and England)... I'm not leaving out New Orleans (they returned Sunday!) or Baltimore (they are there right now!). Both of those teams have met their goals in support. The Hungary team is getting there, but we still have a way to go and two weeks to get there. TWO WEEKS! Crazy.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Backpacks - Check

OK - we're just one month into summer vacation and I'm ready for school to start! Seriously, I'm just feeling completely stressed and the whining level among the children is really getting to me. I don't know if it's the change in our normal summer routine (of waking up late, laying around until the pool opens and swimming the day away) to one that is way more hectic (waking up at the crack of dawn, running to 8am swim practice, now 9am tennis camp, then running errands all morning for our Hungary trip and eating at odd times). I am completely stressed out, overwhelmed and so irritated with children.... two of them.... and am heading overseas to take care of more kids.

On top of this, my aunt needs help with a scrapbook (that she'll be bringing over here for me to work on) and I'm starting a huge calligraphy job (remember that auction/fundraiser we did? well, that is coming to fruition...) on Thursday - don't these people know I have a crazy two weeks ahead of me? My living room is slowing becoming overtaken by craft and preschool supplies, my every spare minute is spent dragging my children around while I hunt down every single last supply we need for our trip/adventure/?? and the level of whinery around her has risen to an all new high. I had to drag them to get my hair cut yesterday - and spent the whole time just trying to get them to stay in one place!! They were all over, running around, getting water, following the person cutting my hair.... NEVER AGAIN! Is there no relaxation in summer? Well, not for me!

They both have backpacks, and I may just take some time out of our next two weeks to collect all their school supplies while I dream of quieter, more relaxed days coming my way.... in September! For now, I'm looking at my week/weekend ahead with a feeling of dread. More stuff in my house, more organizing to do, more errands to run, more kids wanting, more projects to start, a couple days of single parenting, another swim meet with no father to help....

Ah, I'm going to go take a breath while the girls are happily frolicking in my shower! (before I have to go clean up after them AND throw in another load of laundry!)

Monday, July 07, 2008


It's coming down to the wire, with so many things to do!! We bought about $400 worth of supplies for Hungary this past weekend and at tonight's meeting we hashed out more items we need. We are also hoping to bring along supplies that can't easily be found in Europe - such as American candy and children's meds, arts and crafts supplies - for the missionaries to bring home. I still have a list of things to do before we leave, and other things that are just popping up in between. I'm slightly overwhelmed.

We have two weeks left before we leave and still $22,000 to raise. I have to admit, it's quite daunting, except when I think that we have to date raised $47,000! I mean... that's a huge number. Do I think God has $22,000 to give us? I do. I have no idea where it's coming from, but I know it's out there somewhere!

We have four Bible stories that make up our Olympic journey as our theme - Samson, Jonah, Paul and Silas and the Good Samaritan. Our final day, we have not yet chosen a story, but tonight I was thinking that for our "Reward" on the last day, we really should just talk about the person we are doing all this for - Jesus. It seems like a big piece to be missing, but I think we've known all along that's the story for our last day with these kids. He's what it all comes down to - the reason we are going, the reason we are pulling this together, the reason all these families are living so far from "home" to reach hearts that God wants to reclaim.

So, will God provide $22,000 in the next two weeks? I think in many ways He already has!

Wanna Buy a House?

Here's how one family is choosing to invest in the future of the world with their most prized possession. What a challenge!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008


I guess this is a good place to insert an update on Hungary - since I have some time and quiet to myself! I sent the girls on ahead to Connecticut at their request AND because we have a Hungary team meeting here tonight that I wanted to be here for. If you are supporting us in prayer, here are some things we are offering up fervently!

1. Lot of prayer! We are praying for lots of people to jump on board and pray with us for Europe, for the families we are serving, that our opportunity to love these third culture kids is an extension of God's love - and that they recognize it as just that!

2. Logistics - God is amazing! All the time!! Things have really come together, and that is a huge blessing. We know at any time they can "fall apart" according to our human standards, but when that happens, it's God's chance to shine. We have been becoming more believing and faithful through working out our logistics in a way that only God could make things happen. He repeatedly has reminded us that it's really His trip, and his resources are unlimited - something our feeble, tiny minds have a difficult time grasping.

3. Learning - We have seen many opportunities already for our team members to learn from this experience. It's very faith-stretching being involved in something that requires dependence on God. We have some team members who are really struggling with the financial aspects of this trip and we've seen God working in our hearts over this. Please pray that we can pull through the doubting that often plagues missions work - God is rich in so many ways, practical and ridiculous!

4. Love - and unity. We need this on our team. We've seen it on our team. We want to exude this on our trip.

Thanks so much for your prayers and the financial support so many have offered us. I have found myself this year - and this is really unusual for me - being anxious over money. Even today I was having a little chat with God over this and He just keeps telling me to believe - that nothing is too big and no anxiety is too insignificant for Him. It's humbling, it's exciting and it's scary all at the same time. I hope that I have many more opportunities to see God this summer and for the rest of my life - otherwise life would be so boring!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Summer Politics

I'm still dabbling in politics. I thought this was interesting, of course B. McLaren seems at the helm of this one. I have to admit - I'm not a fan of Obama, but I'm not a big McCain fan, either! I'm a little disturbed by Obama claiming he wants a "real" relationship between the White House and faith based groups. In a year or two, I'll come back to that one!!!

Here's an interesting question: How is it that the "right" evangelicals are so wrong in believing in issues such as abortion and gay marriage and the "left" evangelicals are right to want to end global warming and the war in Iraq? Is it possible to be someone who is interested in all of those things? and in truth?? I guess I'm just a backwards republican who is not only concerned about all these insignificant "issues" as well as one that isn't mentioned - stem cell research. I'm not dumb enough to think that there will ever be a presidential candidate who is a dream candidate for someone like me, but I am tired of having some people make me feel like I'm some old school republican who should no longer fight for the rights of unborn children - I'm insulted by other christians who do this. I would like to think that, as a Christan, I can want truth over any one of my "little social issues" to prevail - I don't need other Christians making me feel like things that Christ has laid on my heart as important are things that don't matter anymore.

This election is intriguing to me, mostly because of the part that religion has played in it up to now. Maybe it's something I haven't paid much attention to in past elections, or it hasn't been so much on the forefront. I think that Obama is going benefit from a division in the church... that is created not by him, but by Christians themselves. It's a sad state to be in.