Thursday, May 01, 2008


I have received several emails today about an interview tonight on Larry King Live. Amy Castillo, the mother whose three children were drowned by her estranged husband, will be on with the vice principal of the school I taught at, where two of her children attended. I don't know who the vice principal is - I didn't know they had one! I've heard that Dr. Phil will be on as well - I honestly don't know if that's true.

If you are interested, I do think it will be an amazing interview. From what I've seen and heard, Amy Castillo has a strong testimony and I believe that God will be glorified by what she says - at least I'm hoping. I cannot fathom the depth of her grief, which can take us places we never imagined. I am still so sad for her.

9:38: I watched it. I'm really amazed with Amy. Z. Wharton is the Middle School principal and his wife knows Amy through their children. When this story first broke, I remember feeling total agony for the mom, whoever she was, hoping she was not alone. To find out later that C was with her and she was surrounded by hundreds of friends (it's a huge network of people who were mobilized), it did help me feel like she would be well taken care of. An amazing interview that I'm sure will be on YouTube in no time flat!

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