Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Countdown to Summer

The girls are officially counting down the days. In fact, it's so bad around here, they are getting up early and begging to stay home!!! Personally, I'm just ready for school to be over as well. It's difficult getting your kids to do homework when the pool is open and everyone else is playing outside (hey, don't they have homework??). I'm ready for a diversion to this sitting around here, cleaning, laundry and watching my backyard disappear.

So, what do we think about fences? Personally, I've always wanted one - easier to let the dogs out, defines my responsibility and would keep everyone's garbage from collecting on our lawn! (What's left of it, anyway!) The problem is that our backyard is tiny, oddly shaped and smaller than we thought. Still, I'm ready for a little privacy, especially if we ever can afford to put a patio back there. Not to mention, I'd love for our neighbors to start raking their own leaves! =) You claim it, you tame it!!

Well, I'm off to try to get that extra room ready for our summer guest - who is arriving this weekend. I can't wait - another diversion for my wandering mind. We have some high expectations for the amount of energy we're expecting our guest to deliver (no pressure or anything! ;-)) because we're running on about half a tank right now and we've got a lot of things coming up. Like finding someone to give us an estimate on our new fence!!

Here's the view from my bedroom of our neighbor's house, and you can see the post under that branch (thank goodness we have trees!) for their new deck with that corner having an extension. They once complimented me on my new green bedroom curtains - I wonder what they'll be able to see now! Needless to say, I keep those blinds closed! ;-)

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Leslie said...

well... i can't guarantee the amount of energy i will bring, but i can always bring some laughs. :)
i'm so excited!