Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Without Naming Any Names

I think it's disturbing when a pastor steps into the political arena for their own personal gain. It's just not wright. (oops)


A Big MIRROR to the UN-NAMED said...

Naming the un-named:
This pastor and his family apparently brought pillars of support for Amy. They knew the children well and helped support her and shelter her upon her request over the years. She asked Zeke and his wife to be with her for his airing and if you noticed, the pastor provided the support she requested and she directed some of the more 'legally danger zones' to him (as planned). Be a little smarter and think, K? How about that - Amy said she has had tons of friends join her during this time. You should be ashamed of yourself - If you lost everyting you held dear - who would be around you at this moment? Isolation is the first red flag - so do an inventory on your self and make a turn for the good. Don't keep feeding the bad dog. Praise God for faithful friends - looking in the mirror is sometimes a scary thing, ain't it.

deanna said...

Sorry you misunderstood this post. It has nothing to do Zeke and Cheryl, who I know personally and am thinking nothing ill of everything they have done to help Amy.

I'm speaking here of Rev. Wright and his insistance on continuing to speak outrightly about his conspiracy theories he teaches at the pulpit making one of his parishoners look misled. I have no idea why he is doing this, but it's not helping the political process.

I love the Whartons (don't know the Wrights) and I'm totally confused as to how you could have thought I was talking about them!! Zeke is not even a pastor - he's a school principal. ???

deanna said...

Just as a side note, a couple of things (and I'm guessing you are personally involved in all this??), I posted earlier about the Castillos on here and have never said anything derogatory about the Whartons - if I did, please bring that to my attention! I've worked with/for Cheryl and with Zeke - not once have I thought they were anything but amazing in this situation as well as other.

Also, my post about not naming any names came before my post about the Larry King Live... if you are not a regular blog reader, maybe that is confusing to you, but older posts follower newer ones - and they are all dated.

I'm sorry that you didn't get it, but I just felt I needed to clarify those two things. Should pastors (who shepherd and teach a community of believers) come to the aid of their sheep in times of distress, even when that involves the law - OF COURSE!!! Should they use situations in political arenas that do not benefit their flocks, making their sheep look lost??? No. I'm really talking about two very different people here... but I think by now you know that!