Saturday, January 31, 2009


I am really struggling these days with the hypocrisy of the Obama administration. Oh, how I wish I lived far away from Washington, D.C., where national news is my local news... get me out of here!! I see nothing new happening in Washington, just the same old corrupt politicians being given more and more control over my life, bad decisions being made on a the whim of trying to look "new" and a general reluctance to accept any constructive criticism.

Closing Gitmo?? Why?? The only reason I've seen come up over and over for closing Gitmo is because it's a "blemish" on America. Really? Who says? Human rights groups (who say that about any prison), terrorist groups (who would love to embarrass America if it means we go easy on them AND they get their key players back) and Americans who don't believe in war (but don't want another 9/11.... by negotiating, not fighting, with terrorists). My question: if you are embarrassed by the Bush Administration and feel like what happened in the White House for the last 8 years is a blemish on our country, should we shut down the White House??? Move it to, say, Chicago? Duh. Don't close Gitmo - it's absolutely strategic for us to keep these high profile terrorist enemy combatants off our shores. Change the way it's run - YES!! But why close it?? I'm not understanding the necessity here.... As for giving up our land on Cuba.... no way. Too strategic, but Obama certainly has opened up a can of worms with this executive order!

Fund Abortion Internationally for Population Control?? Even Bill Gates knows this is no solution. Not to mention, this is NO change... it's Clinton regurgitated. No thought, no ethic involved in this one.

Waivers for Lobbyists? Don't make an executive order and then turn around and abuse your power with it. No waivers... just follow your own rules. It's that simple. You can find someone who is better suited and not look hypocritical while doing so. I have zero tolerance for inconsistent, unapologetic arrogance.

Meanwhile, we're cutting defense spending once again... because we're not involved in two wars and weapons proliferation or anything. I mean, if we want to keep America safe, by all means cut the spending where defense is concerned. No red flag there! Just a big old white one!

I need a vacation. A long vacation!

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