Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I watched history in the making today. I don't know that my thoughts are that interesting, but here they are....

~ I'm proud to be an American. I'm proud that these two presidents today demonstrated what distinguished America from so many other nations, and they did in a very unprecedented way. We know from inaugurations past that it did not have to happen so smoothly, so warmly or so openly. But it did, and I'm thankful to both the Bush family and the Obama family for being so visible in their warm relationship.

~ I wonder if the oath, the fumbling of words the press needled Bush about for years but somehow jumped the barrier of presidents, was the realization of the task that lies ahead moment for Obama. Even John Roberts seemed flustered by the moment - when the eyes of the world were upon them. I do know this: Obama's tween daughter will never let him live that down! I've got one - and I know... they can be brutal!

~ Does Obama know the Lord's Prayer? (That is just a thought that popped into my mind, as Rick Warren began that, I was thinking that I wish I were there to hear 2 million people recite/listen to that!) Oh, I'd give more than a penny for Obama's thoughts... I'm not even sure he realized they were saying that!

~ I'm hoping for a scandal free presidency. I'm hoping the warmness that we witnessed between these two families is an indication that we can count on strong, non-scandalous family unit to spend some time in the White House. I think it's so important for us as a nation to have that.

~ I don't want to see our President fail, not in any area of his life. Yes, his connections, friendships, advisors make me more than nervous. The state of the nation makes me concerned. The climate of world powers and their relationships with us make me uncertain. I hope and pray for this man and his family - that they stay safe, that they make decisions based on wisdom and honor and that they remain true to the God the chose to invite to this inauguration.

~ I want Americans to recognize that this does not mean the end of racism, but the beginning of an era of reconciliation, healing and continued effort to promote equality among all individuals, regardless of race. To think we have reached an end would be premature and detrimental to the slow progress of equality among all humankind. It's an amazing day for Americans, a moment that we can finally say, "We're ready!" We should not think of it as reaching that goal just yet, though.

I, for one (of few?), am very sad to see the Bushes depart the White House. Today only solidified for me that the man who has served us for the past 8 years can put aside vicious attacks, unkind words, unfair assessment of his convictions, and look ahead and embrace the beauty of our country and it's rich history. He is a great example, I believe, to all of us and has forged a way for all Americans to work together for the common good. His grace and resolve will be sorely missed!

OK, time to get back to real life. I got some groceries to pick up!

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