Tuesday, January 27, 2009


It has finally arrived - lots of snow! Well, a humble amount measuring around 3-4 inches. Unfortunately, there is more on the way that will switch to sleet, then freezing rain and then rain tomorrow as the temperature supposedly goes up to 40 degrees.

I've enjoyed the day inside! =) Em has been out with her friends, shoveled half the driveway and is now goofing off with the other hibernating creature in our house - Kt! The older I get, the less excited I get about weather events, cold, wool, fleece and hot chocolate. Crazy, I know. I've got my eye set on white sand beaches, pina coladas and sun, sun, sun!!!

Still, every time I've driven by a half frozen pond, fond memories of ice skating as a kid at our local park and sledding down the big church hill we lived on pop up in my old head. It was kind of fun as a kid being able to do all that so close to home. I also recall that my parents did not join us!! Well, maybe for ice skating, but not for long. So I don't feel guilty about not running around, making tiny snowmen or sledding. Just not my thing. They'll have to wait until their dad is home! =)

Looks like round two has begun, ahead of schedule. More snow and sleet on the way. Stay warm, everyone!

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