Friday, January 16, 2009

Today's the Day

Sometimes there is just nothing worse than sitting around all day waiting for a doctor's appointment. That's what I'm doing today. Today I find out those MRI results and my appointment is at 3:30! UGH! So... just finding things to do to bide my time. Impossible to keep it out of my mind.

Lunch yesterday with some neighborhood friends was fun. Water aerobics last night on one of the coldest nights I can remember!! I'm leaning towards staying in bed today on this now 15 degree morning, but instead I'm heading down to that treadmill, which has actually proven to be a good motivator in many ways. Then over to school to drop off a paper that KT left home... deja vu. It's my once a week trek for that girl!

The best part about today is remembering I only have a one day work week next week! Monday is off and Tuesday my school has off for Inauguration Day! Whoopie! I'm looking forward to that, just not looking forward to this afternoon! =(

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Jackie said...

Hang in there D, the whole family is with you.