Saturday, January 10, 2009

Happy Birthday, Em!

Today, at 3:05pm, Em will be 8. I always thought that time was appropriate as for the years I taught, that was when I was free!! And free is exactly the way Em is. Free spirited, free (strong) willed and freely engaged... if that makes any sense at all. Em is a contact person - she has to feel it all before she can process anything. From the time she was tiny, she would constantly be tugging away from us to touch... trees, walls, animals... Which brings us to a true passion in her life - animals! If there is anyone who I know that is most like Noah, it's Em. She would LOVE to be told to build an ark to save the animals - forget the people!!

It's truly a privilege and honor to be the parent of such a unique child. It's hard to believe she's 8! Em has shown us this past year her interest in traveling - but only to places that don't require shots! - and her cautious love for adventure. She has tried many new things, or let her sister try them first!! She loves math, her teachers, her classmates and most of all her sister. I'm sure somewhere in there she loves her parents as well. Last, but not least, he best friends in the world are her doggies. This year, she has trusted in God more than ever and is still processing through what it really means to believe. Her prayer life is astounding to me and she often shares with me what she has prayed and how God has answered her. Oh, to have such childlike faith!!

Wishing you, Emma-lou, a wonderful 8th year!!

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