Friday, January 23, 2009

Funding Abortion Internationally

Obviously, I'm against this. I have many reasons that I won't get into, but I really think my biggest reason is that abortion in African countries is not a solution... or anywhere for that matter. There is an epidemic, HIV/AIDS, malaria, civil wars, extremist government takeovers.... killing off newer generations, sometimes we actually call that genocide, will not keep Africans from having more children. Why? Because 1) Africans covet children. Children are their life-blood. We can learn from them. 2) The reason they have so many.... is because only a few will survive. They are not interested in killing them before they are born. That's a crazy Western mentality. Doesn't work there.... but you'd have to actually want to solve a real problem to understand that. Let's put our money, our hard earned tax dollars, on things that matter in international countries instead of once again trying to impose "our" beliefs, that HIV/AIDS babies are better off dead (not my personal belief!), on them!


Kathryn said...

I don't think it's right to use taxpayer's dollars for this. There are plenty of Americans who are pro-life and wouldn't want to fund family planning that includes abortion.

I do believe in improving the life of women, including counseling regarding birth control options. Personally, though, I have never considered abortion a birth control method.

deanna said...

I believe what I read was "population control" - and abortion fell under that heading. More important that birth control, however, is protection against AIDS/Hiv infection. It's silly to think that we can't offer that without abortion, but many organizations want to offer everything... as a way to control population.

You know, offering women a choice... it's really not as big an issue with me as federal funding and profitability where stem cell research is concerned. We live in a free country, but we have moral standards and ethics - but lately, they only apply to when we "torture" prisoners, not to our own citizens and how they choose to live. We publicly state to the world that we won't stand for any kind of interrogation "methods" but we'll pay for you to kill your baby before it breaths. I have a problem with that.