Monday, January 05, 2009

Icky Weather

So, it looks like we're finally in for it. I'm not going to say anything to the girls so as not to disappoint them should nothing transpire, as has happened many, many times! Wintry Mix beginning at 6am. I always hate that start time. It means that our transportation dude (who is in the doghouse with me right now... school bus issue) will not do anything, buses will head out, kids will be picked up and by the time our bus arrives at 8:50am the roads will be a mess and we'll all be wondering if they will make it to school. Then a bunch of buses will skid off the road, everyone will be calling in to find out why the dude didn't call off school and the local newspaper will be all over it!


Transportation dude calls off school, even though there's not a flake in sight!! We all sit back and wait, and wait, and wait.... and wonder why in the world he believed the weatherman, who is always wrong. Was he remembering the bus accidents last year when, during this same scenario, he decided not to call off school? Was he just wanting an extended New Year holiday?? Who knows, but now we are all thinking about that day we have to make up in June, and for what? Nothing!


The preferred parental option... rarely used by transportation dude because... he's not a mom! Call a late open, see if there is actually anything going to happen. If nothing happens, we don't have to make up a day and we only miss 2 hours. If something does, then call off school and we're all fine with it - had to happen, nothing we can do about it. This rarely happens... because the transportation dude is not a dudette! ;-/

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deanna said...

8am.... nada!