Monday, January 19, 2009

Disney World

Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE Disney World. I just really believe it's magical and I'm a sucker for the white glove treatment!! When friends of our are planning a trip, I often get asked for "the email" that I send out. It's a little easier than reading through the whole Fodor's book. I also like to gather info from our friends who return because, truthfully, it's been 2 full years since I've stepped foot in the park. =( I'm becoming a Disney dinosaur.

This week, because it's a short school week AND people who live around DC are finding any and every excuse not to be around, a friend of ours was heading to DW and asked for my email. In that email I referred her to another mutual friend who has been going to DW about 2-3 times a year recently!! My first friend just called me this morning from DW (while it was snowing here... how depressing!) to tell me that she never did call these other friends, but had a dream last night that they ran into her in the park. She was calling to tell me that her husband had just texted from somewhere else in the park and he had just run into them!! She thought I would like to know their funny story!

After I got off the phone, T said, "I'm going to email all your friends and tell them 'NEVER call my wife at home if you're actually IN Disney World'"! I'll add to that... especially on a day off from school, in the middle of the winter, when it's snowing!!

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