Monday, January 19, 2009

Change that is Regurgitated

In the final hours of President Bush's leadership, CNN is reporting that the change that's coming could include a Clintonesque repeat... not the kind of change I was hoping for, but one I naturally assumed we'd see. I'm very disturbed by the prospect of my tax money being used to promote, facilitate and fund international abortion. It's one thing to legislate free choice for American citizens. It's a completely different thing to use federal tax payer dollars to support something so morally offensive, but to support and encourage that beyond our borders.... I'm repulsed. I pray for a concience for our new leaders. There is nothing "new" or anything I believe in happening in this one.

UPDATE: And here it is... your tax dollars to fund non-governmental agencies abroad to counsel and perform abortions..... I am firmly against my money being used this way.

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