Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Is Obama Really Black?

Sounds really racist, huh?? Well, it's a question I've heard of late with the silly explanation that, because Obama's mother was white, he was raised by his mother and his mother's parents that he's more white than black.... and I think the whole idea is absurd!! What I find even more offensive is that people tell me this not really taking into consideration that, while my children are not black, they are half Asian. I haven't been brazen enough to say this, mostly because these conversations take place in public, but if given the opportunity to say this in private, without embarrassing them, I will ask... then what are my children?

I have always told my girls they are Chinese and American, and we don't really give that a percentage. In truth, I'm 1/4 Scottish, 1/4 British, 1/4 Austrian and 1/4 Swedish.... and my mother always said, "You're American!!" My favorite was when Kt, at the age of 5, told her kindergarten class that she was half Chinese, half Connecticut! The truth is, they can choose what they would like to be listed as on their silly standardized tests, but they are free to choose how they identify their "nationality". If they want to say they are part Asian and they are American, that's fine. If they want to say they are part Scottish and American, that's fine as well. Who cares?? But to say they aren't Chinese.... would be absurd.

I don't know if I find the reasoning offensive, however, as much as I find the hatred infused in the wording of this claim. When I see the first family, I have no doubt in my mind that I see and African American family, no matter what they wear or who their parents are. To try to convince me otherwise would be a difficult thing to do. What will stand out to me about the first family and my own is that we are Americans, and our heritage is something we should be proud of, we should strive to educate our children to be proud of it and we should not be using it offensively. I'm sensitive here because for me, it's my kids you're talking about, too!

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Randy and Terry said...

Absolutely perfect post, D. Love it.