Friday, January 30, 2009

School Days

Last night, Em and I finished up her Frindle project, which turned out really cute. She had a great vision for this project (once I steered her away from the song she wanted to sing... which consisted of one line!) and really did a super job. I just hope she's as happy with it when she comes home today.

Kt is in a spelling bee today. This was supposed to be on Tuesday, but with all the snow delays and ice, they rescheduled it for today. I'm a bit uncomfortable about this one because I really didn't help her at all with this, and I feel really guilty about it!! Kt is an overachiever, who is always busy doing something. She rarely asks us for help, organizes all her own work and only occasionally "messes up", or forgets something. Our last big mess up was when she missed a deadline to submit an essay for a scholarship - and you would have thought it was the end of the world!! I assured her that, as a fifth grader, there would be many, many more opportunities to do these extra projects.... Anyway, she and another classmate won the class spelling bee, so today is the spelling bee to send a student on to the county wide spelling bee. If she wins today, I promise to be a better mom and actually help her. If she wins today, she will officially be the most over committed fifth grader I've ever met!

As for me, I'm really enjoying my job, although for the past two weeks, I've only worked one day weeks! Last week, I had MLK birthday off and inauguration day off. This week, I went in on Monday, then had two snow days. Of course, that gave me time to do my midyear student reviews, which took quite a lot longer than I'd anticipated!! Next week, my first graders will be on a field trip one day.... I'm actually looking forward to an uninterrupted Feb and March! I need some consistency with these kids!

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