Friday, January 02, 2009

Christmas Craziness Over

So, my blog stats are back to "normal", which is kind of sad. I sort of like getting close to 500 hits a day. =) Here are some interesting pics:

Cooinciding with Christmas Day... right down to the 25th. Funny. I also had my 48,000th visitor a few days ago. Someone looking for... surprisingly, I know.... Christmas letter tips from Algeria!! Wow. That might be the craziest milestone visitor, except that I missed some milestones in all the blog frenzy!! This visitor came on December 31st, so just in time to be counted as having my 48,000th blog visit in 2008.

Now we're back to my normal number of visitors - around 10. It only looks like 20 because I keep checking to see if anyone cares anymore! ;-)

Happy New Year!

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