Friday, January 09, 2009


I'm convinced that if my doctor told me tomorrow that my totally functioning left leg had a tumor in it, I would not be able to walk on it by sometime next week. Mind over body? Ever since my doctor told me my unsymptomatic liver is leaking, it's been figuratively burning a hole in my body. I mean, I'm not in any real pain, but I can pretty much feel a liver where I felt nothing before. It's strange to have someone make you actually think about a bodily organ in a way you never have before!!

I think this does nothing to help my OCD tendencies. I sometimes find I have hypochondria of the mind... any crazy suggestion made to me is dwelt upon until there is nothing left to be dwelt upon! I have a few of those going on all at once in my life right now, and this morning I finally took some time to clear my head of a few of these things. It was a much needed quiet time and I'm feeling a bit better, other than the occasional pang of my liver... LOL. Now, onto another much needed break - treadmill. Then birthday wrapping, quick shopping trip for that one last gift and then, if I have time, the depressing job of undecorating my house. I hate it when Christmas is over - yes, I used "quiet time" and "hate" in the same paragraph.

In my quiet time, I read about the circumsicion, redemption and blessing of Jesus and how his parents offered a sacrifice accepted from those in poverty - two doves. Very intriguing. I'm going to "hypochondriac" and OCD that thought as long as I can!

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Kathryn said...

It is amazing how the mind and body are so connected...totally normal for you to feel that way!