Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Hold Me Back!!!

Kt came home today wearing two Obama pins on her shirt. I asked her where she got them and she replied that a classmate was passing them out. She claims that everyone loves Obama. When I asked her why, she said, "Because he's black!" As if I didn't know that. I challenged her to think about why that is a good reason to vote for someone, or whether there were some better reasons. She hadn't really thought about that.... so we'll be talking about that tonight at dinner!

What really irks me, other than the fact that I'm not particularly fond of Obama, is the double standard in public schools. I was afraid this might happen again for this presidential election and I'm annoyed it has started already. During the last presidential election, I had to endure Girl Scout meetings where Kerry bumper stickers were being handed out, Kt writing essays daily about John Kerry AND the entire first grade watching John Kerry's concession speech, as if that's appropriate in first grade at all!! Not a mention was ever made of George Bush, other than a sentence they had to write on one day that read, "George Bush beat John Kerry." That was it!

I didn't complain then, but I'm on the edge of complaining now. Kt also shared with me that Monday was "Wear blue for Obama" day at school. I have no idea if this is student inspired and would not bother complaining, except for the pins being passed out in class today. I wonder what they would do if I sent in McCain/Palin propaganda for the kids! I am seriously not interested in my children being subjected to a one-sided political discussion in school this year, especially when I don't really feel like it's appropriate for this age. I have also kept my personal political feelings to myself (until now) because I think it's unfair for children to be influenced by issues they can't really grasp right now. High school, sure, but elementary school?? No way. Keep your political views in your family and out of elementary school. Thank you!

Update: Well, a lot can happen in one day! I emailed the teacher, who says she did not notice pins being passed out. I got a call from the principal, who assured me there would be no show of support for either candidate from the teachers. I assured him I didn't expect them to pretend their was not a historical presidential election coming up - I welcomed healthy discussion of the event, but even-sided and fair.

Then today, all the media hoopla about the Virginia Education Association asking teacher to wear blue in support of Obama on Tuesday. WHAT??? Apparently, New York is under fire for the same kind of stunt. I agree that this is a breech of trust in our education system and it's a sad day for our country. Why are we so reluctant to teach children to develop their own beliefs about these issues?? but instead trying to sway them one way or another??? For parents, I'm not so judgemental, but teachers? It's an outrage. Fortunately, I feel confident so far that this will not happen in the girls' school. Although Kt did tell me yesterday that she's supposed to wear blue for Obama day! EEK!


Kathryn said...

You know, I see nothing wrong with talking about the election and the candidates...even having a class 'vote.' (We did that in elementary school.)

But, no partiality! That is not acceptable.

deanna said...

Partiality? Em at dinner said, "McCain? What's McCain??" You won't hear that name uttered anywhere. Meanwhile, we're having "wear blue for Obama" day??? It's enough to make me want to homeschool!!

mom said...

At my elementary school, we have been told that there is to be NO talking up any candidate for the election, nor are we to say who we are voting for. I do not think that passing our propaganda for either candidate is the responsibility of any school. Discussing the election is one thing, promoting one candidate over another is not.

Linda said...

I think it's wrong...& I can't blaim you for being irritated by it..I'd be too. It's grammer school for cying out loud NOT HS..where in a year or so they'd be voting anyways!Obama Day..I agree..the one sides thing is NOT good..If they feel they need to discuss it..they need to be two sided and open minded. It's not really fair to suject children to the political stuff....not all of them understand's not fair to them. :(

Randy and Terry said...

Outrageous! If that was a McCain supporter, folks would be up in arms. I do think you should say something, D. If, for no other reason that to let the school know that you are aware of what is happening. This is not acceptable. And you will do a great job of sharing your concern without being obnoxious about it. Me, not so much! ;)