Monday, October 13, 2008

Call + Response

I went to see this documentary last night - different, informative, astounding, eye-opening. This movie presents some of the reality of human trafficking today. It will leave you feeling very uncomfortable, and I believe that's the point. The website for this piece is even more informative, listing 33 responses that give us some practical ways we can help abolish slavery in our day. I don't think we realize how much we, consumers in America, play a part in this horrific injustice. If you have minute, check out the Call + Response website, if you have a couple hours go see the documentary and if you are moved, do something!


Leslie said...

ah! you saw it! it's not playing around here. i want to see it so badly.

deanna said...

I did... but we had to go to Wheaton Plaza! It's only playing around DC, not anywhere near Baltimore. Stinks! Hopefully they will have a larger release soon.

I'm not much of a documentary type, but this one was good - lots more music than I thought. I guess it was originally going to be a concert, not a movie?? Anyway, it's right up your alley!