Monday, October 27, 2008


It's Monday.... and I'm tired. It's cold out. I believe the high of 60 some degrees happened around 1 am... and now it's just downright freezing outside! I have to run to the grocery store and then to the Party Store to find more Halloween props for costumes. What a week it will be!!

I'm trying to be more disciplined about my politics, but I have to tell you... I'm annoyed. I understand now what middle-class means.... basically, keep your mouth shut because NOTHING will happen to you (unless somehow you choose to become rich). We will take money from the rich, give it to the poor and you just pretend that it's not happening. The thing is, if I were rich, I'd probably try to not be so rich anymore, and when all the rich people decide it's not worth it to be rich, who will he come to for money.... yup, me. Hopefully, he won't be around long enough to get to my pitiful savings account!!

On this note, it occurred to me today after reading T's post on "serving" the homeless as an activity, that my real frustration with what I'm hearing, or not hearing, is just how do either of these presidential candidates propose we end poverty? homelessness? Just giving people money (to spend on drugs and alcohol) or health insurance (when they can't even find a place to bathe or shower) isn't enough. Creating more jobs and opportunity and training sounds wonderful... but how and where will you plug them in? and make sure they actually know that something in their world has changed. How are we going to meet, on a regular basis, daily needs - food, shelter, mental health help - for the thounsands, possibly millions who need it? Any ideas?? I just don't think I've heard a good answer for this and I can't seem to generate an idea of my own.

My question, really, is this: Who will care for the unloved? unlovable? unlovely? Who will represent those who are unable to represent themselves? who have no voice? who have no hope? Who will make them a real promise they will keep? We are looking for someone, but I think we're looking in the wrong place. We are looking for Jesus, and somehow people think he's going to come in the form of a President, but actually He comes in the form of the church. He comes in the form a believer, two believers, many believers whom He equips to answer these questions in unique and opportunistic ways.

Sure, it's nice to have the government on our side, to receive federal funds for faith-based initiatives, to see laws enacted to protect those who are unloved, unlovely and unlovable.... but we would be fools to stake our life on having that. We know with God, all things are possible. That doesn't mean all these things will happen. He's waiting for us to make the possible real.

Just a few things I'm thinking about on this cold, dark Monday. Now I'm off to the grocery store where I'm quite certain these thoughts will somehow be put into action. Whatever you do today, don't hope in a politician, hope in God.

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Linda said...

As I read your post and she is SO right!! Who will help the poor Mr. President??? Create jobs? you said..will these people get plugged into these jobs, so they are not living on the streets anymore..It's really sad...It is the church who often helps them, it's the churches who have food pantries and shelters....what about the goverment? They really do need to do more. It really is sad. I have my major doubts about either men..& what they will do to help all those in need right now..& there are SO many..even more now than will they be helped? It really is frusterating!....Hope you warm up!!