Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I Voted

On a whim, I stopped by the Board of Elections to apply for an absentee ballot. When I walked in, there were all these voting "booths" set up. I guess the ballots are printed, so if you are "applying" for an absentee ballot, you can actually fill it out right there and turn it in - so I did! Not what I was planning to do, and I have to admit, I was slightly tempted to write in (because I could... that's harder to do when you vote on a computer touchscreen!) Condi... would have been a little irresponsible, but I've always questioned whether my vote really counts anyway. I'm not a fan of the electoral system they way it is now.

I'm hoping now that I've got that out of the way and off my chest I can relax a little more. It's not easy being an INTJ with Belief and Responsibility strengths. In fact, it's downright nerve wracking. In the past few days, with endorsements from all over the place, I have begun to feel so insulted about voting my conscience, voting the way I believe and voting what I think is best for my country. Ultimately, the person who wins will be the person that God sets in place, as a blessing or a judgment on our country. I don't know who it will, I don't know which it will be, but I do pray that God will have compassion on us! Nice of him to take that responsibility off my shoulders! =)

I almost forgot... I was totally surprised by this. I did not need ID to vote absentee in MD. I was actually shocked. When I asked, they stated I can offer ID, but they are not "allowed" to ask for it. Huh? I should expect every voter would be required to show ID. How idiotic.


Kathryn said...

Chris is always angry when they don't ask for ID. Seems like that should be a no brainer. How do we know a bunch of posers aren't hijacking the election?!

deanna said...

I was completely shocked, as were other people. You could essentially return daily, fill out absentee ballot applications with anyone's name and address and vote for them - RIDICULOUS!! What was crazier is that THEY AREN'T ALLOWED TO ASK FOR THEM????? What fool came up with THAT rule.... oh, wait, I know, must be the ACLU! What a joke.