Friday, October 17, 2008

Animated Ads

So, I have all my usual tabs open - gmail, yahoo mail, bloglines and facebook - and I'm going through my regular routine. Click on gmail to check the inbox, click on yahoo mail and check the inbox, click on bloglines...... freeze. Huh? Try again, still nothing. Try Facebook, nothing. What is wrong with my computer? Then, as if my computer is in some funky time warp, it all of a sudden catches up with me. What just happened? I don't know.... but it's been happening every single time I check my yahoo mail.

Or this.... I open up some news story on some online news when all of a sudden, just as I'm finishing up the first sentence, some invisible scroll covers up what I'm reading and I'm subjected to people "talking" or dancing or fish swimming across my screen. At least with those, I've learned to quickly hunt out that little "x in the box" so I can get back to what I really came here to do! Read!

I'm getting increasingly frustrated with animated ads, so much so that I won't name the latest offenders because I refuse to advertise for them! I will say this - I make it a point not to click on them or otherwise patronize them. They are just plain old obnoxious, and my old, slow computer agrees!

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Randy and Terry said...

AMEN! I'm with you, D!