Monday, October 27, 2008

And is that your final answer??

So, the weekend is coming up, the one I asked people to vote on. While I am slightly disappointed I am not hopping on a plane headed for a very warm place, I am happy to be avoiding any and all swing states. LOL First, I researched Sanibel Island, and I really, really want to go, but right now I don't have the money. For that reason, we also nixed Key West and Disney World (for reasons regular readers know!). Next, we booked an extremely expensive couple of days at a resort I've been wanting to try for a while, before my kids are too old to want to go. We were going to drive down to Williamsburg and give the Great Wolf Lodge a try. The pricetag was something like $350 a NIGHT! We weren't really sure that was going to be any cheaper than heading off to Florida, but we sucked it up and off we go.

Well, my brother and his wife FINALLY bought their house, but it's more than a fixer upper, let me tell you! All of us have been wanting to head up there, but we haven't had a good weekend to do that. Along comes Facebook friend... who mentions the new just-like-Great-Wolf indoor resort in Connecticut, Coco Key. I imagine it's not as big, and the room won't have a fireplace or the kid's cabin that we were booking (the girls never even knew about that, so no biggie!), but the pricetag for two days and one night? $209. That is a far cry from $700 AND we get to visit with our family and friends. We are totally going.... to a colder place than here.... what was I thinking?? Craziness.

So, our final answer is Connecticut. Not originally in our plans, but I think we are all happy with the compromise. An added benefit for me - it's not Virginia or Florida.... or Ohio, or New Hampshire or Pennsylvania! LOL I'll just have to wait for another beach trip.

Our last roadblock to our fabled mini-vacation? Anyone want to dogsit?

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mom said...

We're waiting for you to come!