Thursday, October 30, 2008

401K Disaster?

Back when T and I first got married, the 401K plans were a fairly new, seemingly wonderful idea. We knew that it was likely that by the time we retired 1) there would be no "pension" from a lifelong job, and 2) there would be nothing left in social security for us to draw from. We opted to put a nice portion, pretaxed, into his 401K plan as our own retirement fund. Never in a million years did I expect we might someday have to rethink that decision, but it appears that the Democrats are considering abolishing 401K's as we know it. If I weren't concerned about the possibility of Obama/Reid/Pelosi running the the show, I probably wouldn't share this on here, but for those who have a 401K plan and like it, read away!! Not the kind of thing I want to see happen.

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