Tuesday, October 21, 2008


While CNN is huffing around about the Paylin's kids - what a nuisance they are! - Fox is reporting about the speech Sarah Palin gave about women, with several interesting endorsers sitting behind her. Wow, the LA chapter's president of NOW. I'm floored. Here's is something SP addressed in her speech - it's the first time I've heard any candidate mention this, and after seeing Call + Response, I've been waiting for any reference to the issue of human trafficking:

“And if I’m given the honor of serving you in the White House,
I intend to advance that creed in our own nation and beyond because
across the world, there are still places where women are subjugated and
persecuted as they were in Afghanistan, places we’re they’re bullied and
brutalized and murdered in honor killings, places where women are sold
like commodities in the nightmare world of the sex trade, and places
where baby girls are unwelcome as a matter of state policy and their
mothers are forced to have abortions. Now no one person, no one leader,
can bring an end to all of those ills, to all of the injustices
inflicting upon women, but I can promise you this, if I am elected,
these women, too, will have an advocate and a defender in the 47th vice
president of the United States.”

I just think we're missing the real SP under the smearing of the left wing MSM. They just keep pickin' and choosin' what they want to use and ignore the substance they say is not there. Shame on them!

Women who endorsed McCain/Palin at this speech:
First, Prameela Bartholomeusz a small business
owner and a member of the Democratic National Platform Committee…Linda
Klinge the former Oregon president and now Vice-President of the
National Organization of Women…Shelly Mandell President of the Los
Angeles chapter of the National Organization of Women here with us today
and Lynn Rothschild you may have seen her on television a whole lot
lately. She is a member of the Democratic Platform Committee. She is
with us here today and Elaine Lafferty a former editor in chief of Ms.
magazine they are here today to endorse the McCain-Palin campaign.

UPDATE: Here's a great piece - FINALLY - on CNN about just how unfairly Palin is treated. He leaves out many, many more examples, but you'll get the gist.

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