Thursday, October 30, 2008

Shock to the System

I took a little "freezer" break on my blog. It's FREEZING here, and my body was just not ready for it! Still not.... I did manage to make it work, run some errands and today is just getting ready for Halloween. This year we have Bindi the Jungle Girl and Frenchie the Pink Lady from Grease. Tonight we carve our Jack-o'-Lanterns and get all our candy ready. Halloween is a fun holiday for us. It's maybe not the most savory holiday, but you have to admit - the fun factor is quite high.

Tonight, in my hometown in New England, is Mischief Night. I haven't seen much in the way of such a night around here, but we always had plenty of fun as kids. We would soap car windows, toilet paper trees, fill socks up with flour to ward off the "evil spirits" like my dad, who would often hide in his ghouly mask and jump out of the hedges to scare us! Of course, my parents were happy to point out to us that if we were going to make mischief, it might do us some good not to sign our names in soap on the cars - dead giveaway (pun intended, of course!). Plenty of fun mischief to go around!

Nowadays, the best part about Halloween is that it's the one holiday, aside from Valentine's Day, that schools aren't afraid to celebrate anymore. Sadly, our kids will never know what potato pancakes taste like for Hanukkah or play dreidel in school. The days of kids learning what other religious holidays mean and how they are celebrated has come to an end. We can only mention and celebrate "harmless" holidays.... hmmm.... I guess they know nothing about Halloween in Salem, MA! I'm not about to tell them, either!

Happy Halloween!

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