Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Am I Crazy?

Kt and I had a long talk today about friends/friendship/5th grade. She has gone through somewhat of a transition among her friends, one that I'm happy with but she is a bit sad over. In the conversation a new name appeared out of nowhere, one I've never heard before. Low and behold, this new person called and invited her over this afternoon for a couple hours.

I hate this kind of thing, because while I like being a little last-minute, I don't like being unprepared or uninformed. First, the babysitter had to give me directions (so, no parents at home, although the sitter was clearly an adult). Second, wasn't this the girl that Kt just told me was a little mean? I couldn't remember and didn't want to ask.... Thirdly, she just had a sleepover with her really good friends, so is more friend time too much?? I don't know, I have poor judgment I guess when I'm feeling manipulated.

So, off we go. I'm driving my 10 year old to a house I've never been to, to spend a couple hours with people I've never even met and Kt says to me, "You know, her mother is a newsperson or something. SHE MET OBAMA!!!" Like I'm supposed to be excited about that! Then Kt asks me if this girl lives near another friend of hers... and I say, "I don't know. I don't know who she is or where she lives, my GPS doesn't even have her street on it, I've never heard her name before today and I'm probably a terrible mom for leaving you with strangers." To that she replied, "I'm sorry it happened like this."

Huh?? I guess I could have said no and let her be mad at me for the rest of the night. Instead I chose to give in and only endure an evening of her being mad for picking her up too soon!! But I can't wait to look at her stomping up to her room for having a bad attitude about going to bed early for being grumpy and rude and say to her, "I'm sorry it happened like this!" ;-)


Randy and Terry said...

NO!! You are absolutely, positively NOT crazy! This is a tough time in the life of a parent - transitioning to allowing kids to make friends that we do not know anything about and then allowing them to go to their homes! It's a very difficult time. I think you showed great courage and wisdom - allowing Kt to go, but calling first and actually going to the home to see the "lay of the land."

You're doing great, D. Keep up the good work.

Kathryn said...

I am not looking forward to those days. I'm sure there is a happy medium in between fear and permissiveness in these situations...I hope I find it! ;-)

I think it's really good that you called.