Saturday, October 18, 2008

Joe the Plumber Phenomena

I'm so intrigued by this Joe the Plumber craze of late. I'm intrigued mostly because Obama is digging himself into a hole that Democrats are going to fall into with him if he doesn't explain a lot!! First, he's approached by a working class guy, you know, the kind he proposes to know better than McCain. He's been using his whole Believe, Hope and Change theme for Joe... that's one of the millions of Americans Obama is supposedly fighting for. Joe the Plumber presents him with question that Obama flubbs by admitting his "share the wealth" philosophy, seen by many (esp. Cubans in Florida) as socialist or communist in nature.

As if this is not bad enough, the liberal media crucify Joe the Plumber and EXPOSE him, just an ordinary American, minding his own business, asking a simple question. WARNING!! If Obama comes near your house, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT ask him ANYTHING or this can happen to you!! His privacy has been invaded, he's been exposed for his back taxes (mind you, he's paid what he can and is a little behind... like many Americans!), has been questioned about his abilities or validity as a plumber (where is the ACLU?) and been staked out as if he were a criminal. Even former terrorists who are friends with Obama don't get this kind of treatment!! All this because he asked a question. It was a great question. It was something about buying a plumbing business and how would it benefit him to make such an investment if his income would rise above the "line" Obama has drawn for who has to share their wealth and who doesn't.

The craziest thing is that now Obama has suggested that McCain is an idiot who should know better than to believe that a plumber could EVER make over a quarter of a million dollars. For real, Obama? Is there no hope for the plumber? Can you not believe that it's possible? In America, aren't there thousands of small business owners who have done just that?? and hasn't it been their hard work, determination, small business incentives and more that have made that possible? Don't you believe in the American dream Obama?? (Don't worry - if I ever get close enough to him, I will NOT be asking any questions!!) I'm completely perplexed that Obama would vilify a plumber and suggest that he'll NEVER be rich.

I guess Obama's never read the story of Cindy McCain's dad, and so many "rich" Americans who had their start in just the same way that Joe the Plumber is aspiring to do. For the McCains, Joe's story is more than that, it's a possibility. Is it such a stretch for Obama to imagine that Joe might someday be "rich" as well? What about believing? or hoping? Or are we supposed to believe and hope that the rich will just shower their hard earned cash on us and we can just sit back and reap the riches of being poor folk?? I don't get it.... his message is now completely lost on me. I have been entirely skeptical up to this point, but now it's very clear. There's no hope or belief in an Obama administration that I can see.

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