Friday, October 03, 2008

The Love of Money

This whole bailout thing makes me sick. I can't even think about it anymore let alone ready anymore news with pictures of slimy smiling politicians claiming that now, with all their little pork barrel earmarks the bill is amazingly better. In the end, I really think it will be mainstream Americans who foot the bill for greedy, selfish rich folks, like most of those politicians up there!

Really, though, there is one thing that Sarah Palin said last night that most people are just bypassing for other "important issues". She hit it on the nose when she said we need to learn to live within our means. That's the danger of living in our free, capitalistic society. I'm not condoning other forms of government, I'm just saying that we're now seeing the effects of that root of all evil. We've become a nation of wanters, wanting everything everyone else has and feeling entitled to it all, whether it's within our means or not. We need to learn a lesson from this outrageous bank bailout and ask ourselves if we're contributing to the downward financial spiral we're witnessing.

Palin also said that it would be a shame, and I agree, if we have to tell our grandchildren how wonderful life USED to be in America. I, for one, think I'm better off than my parents were and I would not want to be handing my children or grandchildren anything less than what I've had. This bailout scenario is something I fear will cause just that, because it really doesn't touch on the root of all this evil, it only seems to perpetuate it.

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Randy and Terry said...

I am SOOOOOOOO with you, D!! I'm tired of election hype and sick of people blaming others for their bad decisions and greed. But, I need to be sure that I'm taking care of my own "house," too and not just throwing stones. :) It's easy to get caught up in the race.

That's one of the good things about retirement - we don't have a lot of $$ to stay IN the race!! :)

Take care, girl. Keep writing. I love hearing your thoughts.